NG Time Trial II B

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This is group B of the NG Time Trial #2
Group C will be here tmrw. Stay tuned!

*If you would like to be in a NG TT simply follow the thread in the Flash forum.



F****** cool TRIAL!!!

I got lots and lots of laughs to those movies of that Trial

I liked, except...

L O T I: Sick! How did that relate on subject, without the dude woke up?
Punished one: I admit the one before me! Bed just swifted on screen!
Az3r: Sick,sick. I dont like violence too much, like that. You and your main character should get some help.

Louis and Regis: They were cool! First one i really looked that hobo like "Damn, is this animation pure wacked shit?!", but then...I excepted that boy would burn his hand on hot cookie.Regis, surf buddy was fun! Traditional cartoon joke.Good luck and keep the good work up!

Ps. Sorry 'bout all that "sick". It just rolls on my head.

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Ok, so here goes:
Louis:Great job! Unexpected ending!
Regis:Nice, crappy graphics, crappy animation...
You get the point.
Luck O'T' Irish:How the fuck was that related to the subject?!
PunishedOne:That wasn't related either! Crap!
Az3r:Jeez! It seemes to me that no-ones film, but Louises, Was related in any way to the subject which was WAKE UP FROM BED!
Take Lous as an example for all of you!

some goodness was found

Okie dokie,
Luis: very nice, graphics were nice, and I loved the ending. music was well done also.
Regis: i liked the graphics, and the andy kaufman poster, but this toon failed to impress me overall. (i did find it quite funny when he got out of bed though :) )
luck of the irish: What the hell happened there? I liked the song, and i am myself irish... kinda. Anyway, the video wasn't a hit in my books.
Punished one: I hated it (no offence) bad graphics, bad and annoying sound/sound effects.
Az3r:I loved it, especially the first couple of events before he left his bed. good ending, made me laugh. decent graphics, appropriate music. Decent sound.

Luis and Az3r were my favs.

Luis made this all worth while

my favorite was luis' movie because it was short, funny and the graphics were amazing as usual

regis cartoons movie was alright, i liked the bit where he sees the girl and that song plays, hehe very funny

luck of the irish, hmmmmmmmmm i didnt really get this one at all, it was to weird, i prefer a movie with a story

punished one, sorry to say this but it wasnt that good at all, graphics were not that good, and the whole maddness idea is boring now, and there was only like 1 or 2 deaths in it

finally Az3r, i wasnt sure if i liked this one of not, graphics were alright, but the story was weird, he shots the shop keeper because he wouldnt let him have the milk for free, i dont think anywhere will let me have stuff for free, but i dont shoot them!

overall it was good ( luis rulez)

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3.77 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2004
12:58 AM EST
  • Daily Feature February 14, 2004