Mario Bloopers 2 (vA)

February 12, 2004 –
May 7, 2008
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please delete the submission


Keep it up!

I loved it! :D

Random Sonic appearance ftw.

in act 5 the lives person is different every take :D

By far, not the best mario blooper reel i've seen, but this one's good too.

In act 3, was that MasterHand??? (Cause he rules)

In act 4, was that Sonic?!?!

The ending was too abysmal.

Act 1 didn't amuse me.

Act 3 was down trodded.

Act 2 nearly made me queasy.

Overall, meh, it's good, if you like "Jack-A**".

bit too long. plus it could use voicing. otherwise its sorta funny but pretty much sucks.

He Took Big Dump


No doubt about it, you're awesome no matter what anyone's review says.

The first couple acts were way too long, and it bored me for the rest of the movie. I think the first was better.

o shit... greaaaaaaaaat man

Tyranosaurus Goombex is back and gives Mario dieria lmao

ive been waitin 4 toad 2 get crushd by shit

The first and third ones are quite a bit better. I applaud your efforts, but...its somewhat lacking in humor and pace. I think it goes just too slow for most ADHD people that enjoy watching these!

...no offense but snoresville is finally open

The animation was okay, but I didn't think any part of it was funny. Most of it was just boring violence. I guess some people like that, though, so whatever.

read the top yo im goin 2 sleep lol

Awesome. The mortal Kombat spoof rocked lol

its random but tats wut makes it funny btw i thaught scene 2 was funny as hell!

That's no lie, I say that with all confidence. Best of the best, I am loving your work.
Master of comedy.....Mario.


This is tha best video i've seen on newgrounds keep it up!

It was pretty good I guess...but ya know if you were trying to make him imitate ryu...that would've been the shoroyuken:)not hadoken...anyways it was funny

this 1 of the greatest flash movies on newgrounds!keep it up.

its penut butta jelly time and where the fuck did sonic come from XDDD

great job i recomend it a very humores flash

You have certainly killed Mario. I know this is bloopers, but we have to make fun of Luigi or Peach too you know. It's not just Mario who we make fun of. Sorry about that

this movie is okaylike the violence though and mostly mario gettin beat up hahahahah n n

i loved how you used the mortal kombat music and the character voices when mario battled the gient goomba keep up the good work

Well, except for the last two acts, the whole thing seemed to have some unneccessary cursing, and content, and took forever to get over with. (Kamek really is a slow talker)

Try to be more like the last two, and it'll be really good.

make more of these!


You did it!! You made it better!! You derserve this score. A big improvment over the first 1

I really liked the one when Luigi peed on the stage and it tripped Mario then he killed him with a stick, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! That was a gold moment.

try making another that is better

that was something to laugh about but i hav 1 question...

where did you get the mortal combat music from?

ive been searching for it for ages!!!!!!

plz tell me thnx

I liked it. There was definatly some clever stuff there. It is however a personal pet peeve of mine when people use blood in Mario, Sonic, or Zelda parodies. However, that being said, the movie still rocked. I managed to look past my pet peeve and see the work that went into it, and it was still pretty rockin'. Good job.

kut ajax weg er mee in de plee

This was so good! I love it!

its genius

good job on the movie very funny... liked the mario (game) sounds alot!... keep this up!...

i think it chold be funnier

that wasnt that great.. laughed maybe once. all the material was drawn out and boring

Where do i begin? The skits were to long, the jokes done a million times on other flashes, sophomoric bathroom humor, yeah it sucked.

this is sweet man i like the final part mario bloopers keep up the good work!

it looked cool but other then that it was pretty gay

but the two first jokes where to long and boring and i don get it with the hand that punches away mario.

This one isnt nearly as good as the third one. The thrid one was the first one I saw. At least now I no how Toad got squished by the poop.

wtf? y did sonic run over mario?the shit was fucked up! i think you can do better...(i copyed the catagories from fatcrack :D)

It wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life... but it wasn't the worst. Keep it up.


I have to kinda disagree with ihavenospacebar. I liked this one more than the first. As an avid Sprite Designer/Editer, I think that you did a real good job even if you did edit some parts with Paint. It still looked good. Trying is what counts and I gave you a 5 for it. Good job once again.

That really was dissapointing. You drew over the sprites with the paint tool, you mixed bittages, it was way to slow and tedius, it wasn't funny- I could go on forever. For fucks sake when Mario did the "Shou Ryu Ken" he said "Ha Dou Ken". Totally n00bish mistake. And most importantly it wasn't a big improvement from the first one. Completely dissapointing.

Round 1



Mario Wins



FUCKING good Jundark should fucking take back his words because he is gay

I say immaturely because the way you used curse words.I aboslutely hate people who use curse words like you did for no reason. Heres an example of a reason to use one when u stub yor toe sometime u yell DAMN IT HURTS you used it like damn wtf where am i somthing like that work on that next time.Thats what i call immaturely using curse words.

Wow that was reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy funny keep up the good work!;)

Act 2 was the most long and boring thing I've seen since [insert long and boring movie]. The rest was pretty good.

you made me want to play my copy of smbros

that's all i say

I dont think that this one was better than the first, but it still was pretty funny. Like I said in my first review, I love cross-over material, and the idea of Mario in Mortal Kombat, though not original, is still always funny. In my opinion there was a bit too much toilet humor but it was still good for a chuckle.

the best part I thought was the Mortal Kombat part was the best. With toad doin' the "Woope!" thing. Heh, I find the 3rd edition funnier though. Keep the funny comin'!

Great flash you brought your score up from the first one nice to see great flash artists and not piconjos.

t'is good, Yah!

I give it 5 CD's out of 7 DVD's to the power of 5!

uv got a hell of imagination dude

this is funny shit uv made lol

I like it, sweet movie, but i hated when luigi killed mario.... mario owns

wow all that time i could have been eating pizza but no i chose to watch this...people that look at reviews do not watch this youd be sry if you did its too long and not funny what so ever...now im gonna go get me some pepperoni pizza! ciao!

This wasn't funny at all i mean that bigger is not better is from the first one and that one sucked as well people DO NOT WATCH THIS ITS BAD

But it's nothing to be shot down by the dickhead below me.

Try and make a number 3 but better. Keep trying and you'll get it

OMG!!! That was about as funny as watching paint dry! It was so stupid that it makes Peter Griffin look like he could prove string theory! If you looked "blam" up in the dictionary this would be cross-referenced wit it! }:(

These ones were not very funny at all! Maybe you shouldn't drag one of the jokes on and on and on and on like Act 2.

Man i laughed my "#¤ off here looking at this!!! Good Work

i liked the title screen one, i pissed my self laughing hehe

Some parts of this flash dragged on a bit, the rest was pretty much average... I personally liked the first one better.

lolololololololololol roflroflroflroflrofl lmaolmaolmaolmaolmao That rox

This flash video was totally awesome. I thought you did a great job on making this flash video. The grpahics you added to this flash kicked ass. I thouhgt the Humor you added to this flash was very good and very creative. This was one of the best Mario Paroady's ever made. You did a awesome job on making this flash. 5/5.

It was just too long. It wasn't very funny because of that.

long, but hella boring X)

ooooooo soooooo much fun hahaha i liked blooper nr2 when mario poops lol it was a reeeeealeee goood flash keep up the good work

ok this was okay the screaming was really really stupid

its just so dam funny.

anybody who can make a great parody of mario must be good.

All the bloopers we're hilarous and longer,amazing sprite editing especially in the second blooper and some good random mario deaths,excellent job. =D

I have seen many blooper movies. This is good anyway. Great work. Im fan of Video game Blooper movies.

My favourite act was Act 5.

LOL! i thought this was SO funny, i espeacially loved the one wehere he cant destroy the castle, (wen the hand flicks him away, i LITERALLY cried of laughter) and when he falls off the bridge on level selection made me laugh!

nice flash! make more!


4 sum reason i luv watching mario or anyone else from the mario series get killed or doin somthing random

Not a bad blooper reel. Thanks for adding the scene select too. That #2 is a really long one.

Oh dear god....That was hilarious!! XD Even when mario ate the key and well....all of it was funneh! Even when the title sign fell on him.....Luigi peeing in the floor to make him fall down...Continue with your work and make the 3rd one! ^_^

I liked this a lot, but the thing was, I feel I was misled. I was expecting bloopers, and instead, just got "shorts." They were not even bloopers.

Everything seems good to me it would have been better if you had voices like the last one nice work though.

To be honest the scenes took far too long. The actual jokes were so-so and we had to wait ages of boring dialogue and slow gaps just to watch them.

The first Mario blooper was good because the scenes were short and sweet and the jokes were original.

This wasn't funny i'm afraid.

Hey I'm sorry but I didn't think it was that good it wasn't that funny. I only laughed one time so sry.

This movie was the coolest Mario mess ups I have ever seen. Dude, you got to make some more of this films.

Goes in my favorite definitely! :D

my fav bit was with mario and luigi dukin it out on the mario bros game!

It was quite funny and entertaining, although if you could add more bloopers it would be better. Still though it is preddy good.

the title screen was heaps funny but the funniest is the cliff edge, lol. if i could i put humour 2000

that was hillarious

uhh...some of its hilarious as hell like the piece of shit and "ow...my porr italian meatballs...!!!"lllllllllooooooooollllllll

I like it when Luigi pisses on the floor and Mario steps and slips on
it, when that giant pile of shit landed on Toad, and I did find it
suprising to see: Banana Man and Sonic. But that Mortal Kombat remix song sucked. Only bad thing, great sprite movie.

The act with the title screen takes was the best XD I always wanted something to happen to Mario cause everytime i turned my GameBoy on when playing Mario nothing went wrong on the title screen XP

OTT, specially scene 2 or act 2 or watever it is, it wasnt even funny n e of it, the sound was at the wrong time as well. E.G. the 1 with tha egg, it was an explosion the firing the rocket out tha rocket launcher

Well... what can I say? Act 2 had waaaay too much text in it, degrading the joke of the whole thing and most of the so called "bloopers" weren't really even that funny... but I did like the part where Mario couldn't take down the castle... that was pretty cool :D

Wow this is the 3rd best animation i seen yet. Great job.

The first one was a little innapropriate (namely, Luigi peeing), the second one was way too long, and the third one is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

I didn't expect Sonic runnin' through Mario in the last take of the SMW title screen LOL!

I just got one question. whats with the yoshi sound effects during the battle? couldnt you have used some other sound effects? but still very good

if i could give humor a better rating i'd give it a 22 hahaha nice job keeep it up my buddy!!! ^_^ lollolololololololololololololololololololololololooooooooo

I really luvdm ther pART when toad says:''those nice italian plumbers'', its reLLY funny!!!

There were good parts ( the last three acts ) but the rest nedded improvement. There was WAY to much speaking ( espescially during the second act ). And for some part, it wasn't exactly bloopers.

It could have been great if you made some jokes a less long

I haven't laughed so hard at a flash in ages. Good stuff man, good stuff. Brought back memories too. Definetley gotta watch the others.

By far the best damn Mario Sprite I've seen, and that's saying alot, considering there's about a million freakin mario sprites!!! Funny and wierd as hell starring Mario? It's got to be "Mario Bloopers II"!!!!!

dude this is to to describe.i almost died laughing while watching.someday im gonna make one like yours.hopefully.keep up the good work.

It was great but the huge crap was a bit weird

The movie was good there was a few Sprite issues I saw and Also ya need to make some of the scenes a little morefuny. but it was good.

Nice animation....but excessive use of profanity, does not make it funny. Come up with some original jokes...huh?

A very great flash...Make a third one!!!Please!!! It was awesome

I liked the last part when the Koopa Clown Car Falls on Mario and he gets dragged by Yoshi. But what was that thing connecting him to Yoshi?

well the bloopers aren't that great but its good very Good? well i think u should try better next time take ur time i won't sue but the animation is a little blurry um next time add this blooper in ur collection .Mario is gonna fight bowser suddenly mario made a fire ball then mario will fart and bowser dies and the fire ball goes strait to Princess Toad Stool (behind Bowser) and she dies and mario cries like a baby luigi would. and Sonic And Friends and Donkey Kong and friends and BowserJr all attack Mario the enemies of Mario Kills Mario .thats my blooper thank u newgrounds

i usually don't like to see mario get butured but this was so funny :)

I like almost everything but, it was a little slow. I liked the cameo of sonic. Mario taking a shit without taking off his pants. It was just a little slow running. Anyhoo, keep up the good work.

the funniest mario flash besides resident koopa outbrack poor mario lol keep it up

why did mario make yoshi sounds!?

Ah, brought back great memories of my wasted life. lol. Seriously though, great movie, the sprites were animated great. One thing I could pass along though, some of the jokes got old and stretched out (such as, how many times can he fall off a bridge before it's not funny anymore {I counted once}). Anywho, keep up the great work.

Bad dog...no dont do crapy movies...no! bad doggie
No seriously that wasn't that bad it just missed some humour...you know...bloopers...funny... well good luck next time

Absolutly pathetic, the only slight chuckle i got out of this is when sonic showed up... but other than that, this was terrible, and the same goes for number 1.

I like Mario flash animations, lets face it, They own. But this one has gotta be one of my favourites :D Nice work :D

I've got to do with poor Mario...:P

EXCELLENT movie though...^_^

that was very very very..; funny, but, this is the moral of the flash.....


that was fucking wicked!!!!!!!!!! i loved the sprites and the music!

I liked the part about the edge on take 3 when that banana dancing lol also the scream that mario does when that plant grows lol


Every Mario Flash U make ROCKZ!!!!! This was funny especially when Mario Took That HUGE SHIT AND IT FELL ON TOAD LATER!!! MAKE MORE MATRIX DX< MAKE MORE!!!!

That was good...kept me entertained....on top of that...I liked the screaming heheh..I'm an oddball I guess..

Those graphics suck and.... haha I'm just kidding. I HUNGER FOR MORE!!!!

I love this thing it's the greatest thing i've ever seen man i got to see how u make this thing now thanx to u i love mario


Man, you got a gift! This movie is one of the BEST I've ever seen!
I give it a 10!!!

A little boring, everything is a little too drawn out. Besides thet storyline everything else was pretty good

just a tad bit drawn out but still pretty dang funny

I would only say that I would call them Outtakes and Deleted scences. I would also think that Act 4 & 5 would be bloopers. on the other hand, good shooting.

I thought it was good!


funny as hell should be

This is a great mivie! Very funny! I love this out-take like things, because they are almost always funny and sweet! I really enjoyed it.

That gave me a heart attack from laughter when mario got ran over by sonic!!!!! Make more!!!

awesome i wish i could make it like this make mario bloopers 3 and i'll watch it kepe the good ideas comin 9 thumbs up

dude this was awsome man dude i loved it man


i loved it mario is a classic i am so stoned right now i have gotta see more great job my friend bravo

lol nice movie I love that Mortal Kombat Music lol

One of the best movies I have ever seen on this site!

Yo i found dis flash it rocks dude nice sneaking a mk bit in there but it was a great flash!!!!

altho its done before with the bloopers its still pretty funny.

What the fuck waz THAT???it waz tota;;y gay!!!

That was a a great movie, but what mario game is the mario from in the first and second scenes

Hey keep it this stuff up!

it was so funny and kinda gross but it was funny how dumb you made mario be, make a 3rd one ;)

THis is really funny stuff make another one this is great stuff ok im done

Wow thats all wow. I like this one better than the 1st one. I love the part with big piece of crap after mario ate the goopa.

1: Luigi stomps and moves, then slips Mario with a Banana and some pee, then at the second top, Luigi flips Mario and he lands on a spike with a SPLAT! Heh heh, dumbass. 2: Mario goes down the pipe, fights the Goomba, beats him up and eats him, then 15 minutes later, BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP, that has gotta be the biggist sh*t he ever had in his life! 3: He tries to kill the castle, but it's no use, so he uses an explosive, and BOOOOOM! The Yoshi egg gets fried up. And YEEARRRRRGH! The Masta Hand throws him out. 5: On Take 3, the screen rumbles, and YEEARRRRRGH!, Mario dies on the sharp vine.

It was pretty good I didn't find it all that funny but I didn't loose interest in it either. The things that were drawn though could have been done better. Any way it was a good movie and I hope to see more from you guys.

i love mario movie and this one is kinda real good...you couldave done better with graphic but sum act the graphic where real good...and you sould do less talking in act 2...

I lost interest at scene 2

Nothing to say. This just sucked.

Great. I liked the one one where Mario tries to blow up the castle and the yoshi egg gets cooked.lol.

Luigi beat up mario :D lol :D

Compared to the first one they have been improved in the way of animation and the edited sprites (eg making Toad wave).

There are alot of Mario sprites on NG but this one has the harder ones to do such as 16 bit sprites like Super Mario World. So I can see the effort put into this.

It features many of the familier Mario tunes In this but I think that some of the voices you have used could be replaced ith real Mario voices such as the ones from Super Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64.

A bit of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter but not too much violence as it wouldn't fit in.

For a flash movie It does have its fair share of Interactivity such as the scene selection.

It wasn't as funny as I'd imagine. It didn't really make you laugh or bore you. It was more entertaining then funny.

I can see the effort put into this as you are working with 16 bit which is really hard to work with compared to the rest of Mario "bloopers" which are 8 bit.

Humor is the main thing that really needs to be improved. If you look at other "bloopers" such as ones made by aeproductions you will see that they keep it short and sweet otherwise it gets boring.

You have improved on graphics compared to the previous one and slowly through the series It'll get better and better and we should notice it.

Some tweaks here and there like Mario voice can make it a whole lot more sprite like ad better.

Keep trying (I can see the effort put into it) and gradually It'll be perfect.

Could of been better, maybe longer.
Also, mario should have gotten the better of liugi, not the other way around.

you rock man, its pretty fun this shit, haha

Im scared...

too bad Jacky_boy is a dumbfuck and he doesnt seem to realize funny and humorous are the same thing

Funny things happened especially scene 2 when mario takes a large poop.

that was funny as shit.. i think its because im immature though.

ok, now that was AMUSING, LOL YAY! One of the best ones I've ever seen yet.

i just joined newgrounds around a month ago, but ive been watching movies from newgrounds since 2001 and nothing is funnier than your movies. I dont care what your next entry is about i just cant wait to see it.

Hell Yeah this is GOOD!! I hope you make that Mario BLoopers 3 fast because i cant wait to see it :D
Keep it up!

boy u gotta make more of this shit. it was the best shit ive seen so far make 30 fukin more dude.

i laughed my head off so much!!i felt like i was going to explode!!Make more of these funny stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I like act 5 best!

ever better than the first... HAHA U ROCK!!! keep it up dude omg haha!!

This movie was done by someone high on shittiest humour ever. Yeah, slipping on piss, like that's so very original. Honesty guys, try something that actually involves a bit of brain processing

this is the funniest crunk since Mack Daddy Mario!!

this has "kickass flash" written all over it

Man Now thats Art :D
NIce Music Man Make sum more man your Good :D

this is amazing, like all your others, 5/5

This is one of the best Mario flashes i have ever seen! I laughed the whole time!

That was funny, i can't stop giggling. I like the second on best because it's funny and it stars Kamek (i like kamek) Well...keep up the good work.

i hope to see 3 soon

~you have just been reviewed by Diablo

I liked the first one better, but this is very funny. A good part was when he tripped on the log and broke his head open, that was really funny. I hope to see a Mario Bloopers 3 soon!!!!

Great flash. Keep up the good work


it was cool and everything execpt for that taking a dump thing,

Kind of weird at first. Some are better than others but the animation is great. Great work on this movie. Your SMB3 was great looking, keep up the great work.

I have seen this flash many times and I think it is great. While the second act (Bigger is not better) is rather long, it is still hilarious. I like the Mortal Kombat style.

Acts 4 and 5 are super. I like how Sonic bursts in in take 3, act 4. I also liked the surprize "ending".

Overall, I think it rocks.

lol I liked the dancing banana on the top of the screen. And the ending was funny having peach drag him like that lol.

it was ok nothing I would laugh about but i dont laugh easily so its probably better than i reveied it

I say that anyone that knows Mario will find this funny(especially those what hate him)

oops i accidentaly did this review on the wrong page im a fucking dum ass lol i did it on the mario bloopers # 1 im so dum :'(

yeah i can laugh about this... probably because i was in a stupid mood. No it's good i like these kinda movies. But why do you call it bloopers?

i liked it... but it wasn't that funny

This one was really funny, not as good as 1 tho. My fav. act is 2, especially when hes on the toilet. :-) :-)

Very nice. I loved act 2. Mario had some big shits.

That is all.

This was sooooooooooooooo hilareous, go and make more of this. I liked the first one but this is soooooooo much better. I really liked act four and five. LMFAO

make a sequel plz.

Man, that was really great. As a Mario and Mortal Kombat fan I loved the fight scene. Great sound, when the fight broke out. It was funny as hell when Mario broke into his fighting stance. Great work, man.

-Spiral out

Your flash does not follow the normal sequal rules. They are:
1) It must repeat at least 2 things from the previous episode
2) It must suck entirely, but be advertised well
3) It has to be made by someone else.

For that, M&M Kudos all around! My treat...

keep up the good work oh and lol

great job with those sprites, the movie was awesome,please make another because from what i see you know sprites!keep it up!

this is funny. please make a third one.

Why can't people make a cool movies about mario, like Rockman Neo or Sonic X Chaotic Battle.Not funny,cooool ok.

Man, that was funny! I kept cracking up through the whole thing! Can't wait to see the next one!


not that great. it was slow as in the sounds came first. not to funny could work on that.

Mario on the crapper is the best bit of the film.

I really hope u make a third of mario bloopers!

Ideas were great and the sound was outstanding. And the other dudes right, the mario shit was the best part.

Oh.....Poor Mario in the first scene...

HAHA !!! Hilarious when Mario took a shitter...

Oh no > The hand threw Mario out of the screen !!

(HI ! where did that dancing banana come from :P )

HI !! GREAT MOVIE !! FUNNY AS HELL !! A masterpiece.... P.S. Poor Mario....

tv..i like anime but im saying this movie is funny than cartoons like in the morning...eastern standard time...

man that was long, explain your bloopers better, and make them say somthing aabout the title screen, anyway good luck next time.


I don't recall calling someone a dumbass after they've been impaled through some huge spike on the ground being funny. Graphics could look better and sound is okay. But the flash itself as a whole just isn't funny.

How are thosebloopers?

Very good however i did find the first bloopers flash funnier then this one none the less it still a great flash keep it up.


I like when mario fell off the bridge.

Best. Movie. Ever. Period

Some of the most funny things are here that I have ever seen. Especially the scene where he drops to the boss chamber. And makes fun of Matrix and Mortal Kombat. And would you like that egg over-easy or scrambled? Watch the movie and see....

Unbelievable that a sequel could've been made, but you have pulled it off. I think you might be able to make a trilogy here.

I'm not one for crude humor, but it was still funny. Creative idea!

Oh my gawd!!! That was HILARIOUS!!! I think I just pissed my pants! LOL!

its freakin awsome but the only problem i have with it is the font sometimes i cant read a fucking thing but either then that its a great movie :)

This isnt a completely fake bloopers reel...i have seen mario die in the title screen, there is a game genie cheat which makes him jump too high and messes with the programming and makes him run into one of the koopas

This is some good shit make some more bloopers i was like pissing my pants when i saw this

This is soooo funny shit.haha
Make more of this blooper things.

im sorry man but this sucked hard. this is something that goody-two-shoes christian kids watch and laugh at. there were so many parts that you could have done better with and made them alot funnyer. alot of it was pointless, boreing and predictable. seriously, you have the animation part down good, you just need to work on that humor, make it more sick and disgusting. the whole "innocent" feel of this flash was ruined by all the swearing, if your gona swear and use foul language then make the animation just as nasty, more guts, more blood more gore. that whole part where luigi and mario were battleing was so gay, why fuck around for so long and then have him get impaled on that stick? by then it wasnt even funny because it took so long. please make it more funny next time.

good ideas, but ya gotta keep it short and sweet, or it's just not funny. the dialogue slowed it down and seemed to take a lot out of it.

again, good effort tho

but this one was so very long you shoud make your films just right but this one was much more original instead of the first one

This had a few good scenes but isn't even comparable to the first one you did. Hope the third is great.

keep up the good work.

good job and enjoy the weirdo job you have

but this was an amazing flash that deserves a little better of a score that 3.70

First act was great. Second act was ok but the fight was great, and I kept on thinking Mario would fall through a hole in the floor for some reason. Act 3 was ok. Act 4 could use somthing a little more. Act 5 was a little dull but funny. And act 6 was to short. Plus you could've added somthing involvingn a star, such as an enemy grabbing one instead of Mario.

In the battle scene, you should have added some enemies, would have been funnier, but what you did was fine. The font was kinda hard to read too. The scenes are awesome, they're just like the real game. Funny shit, keep it up.

Graphics - Fine does the job and the edited mario during pipe falling scene etc look fine aswell

Sound - Fine not much of it like but it does the job

Style - This was where the mark dropped from a 9 to a 8(still a very good score :) ) Being a bloopers reel you expect short cut scenes based on events that were in the game and have been done wrong right? Problem is this wasnt really that it was more a mario adventures kinda flash although they werent bad just slowed the pace of the flash down i believe which spolied it seeing though on your last one it was loads of fast clips much like yours was from act 3 onwards (loved the castle one)
Structure - Perfectly structured with scene selection at the end

Humour - Same as the last one Im kinda a sucker for toilet jokes so i cant help but like the humour used here no matter these other reviewers may think although giving credit to them some new ideas could have been implemented but hey I really enjoyed this so I think its fine how it is

Overall - I think this strayed from the bloopers title a bit but got right bak on track after act 2 and was really entertaining to watch the only critism ill say now it that maybe it was a tad to long but this is probably due to the first 2 acts anyway which i have mentioned my concerns with before
Hope this review helps :@)

That was great , just next time
include more charcters .

This was not funny at all. All those fart and pooh jokes have been played out long ago. I think u need to get some new ideas.

wow...the first bloopers was actually funny, this one sucked huge. the humor in this one would have been funny, if i was 12...

I thought this movie was too bad, but there was a lot of cliched jokes in here... and not really all that blooperish. The only redeming factor was in ACT 3 with the whole Defend Your Castle Joke.

Too drawn out. Just like MADtv you take a joke that could be kinda funny (aka, the start menu) and drag it out repeatedly with the same punchline until I don't wanna watch anymore. I love Luigi but him killing mario in the battle game (or any time an 8-bit character bleeds for that matter) isn't funny at all really. It's like if you took a Bugs Bunny cartoon and every time Daffy get's cut up or something there's this huge bloodspray. It takes the fun outta it.

The animation was very pretty and most of the sound effects were fitting. You should try making a game next instead of a movie and don't include blood, fecal matter or sex and you may have a fun title on your hands.

Love 1iv3

it was more of a funny tribute to mario than a blooper reel like the first one. but still that was funny.

this kicked ass mario does make mistakes and you have proof but kids might not beable to handel the overwhelming humor all at once lol.the overall rating on this lies alot you kick ass

Crappy, like my mothers foisty pantyhose..

I think that this movie is even better then the Rise of The Mushroom Kingdom series!
Make more plz becous you guys are so good at it!

It was good except that the scene with the goomba went a little too long with the dialogue.

scene 4 looked a bit shity and the scen whit mario fight that giant guy gumba or w/e il iked it a bit

need i say more best mario parody i have seen today/ maybe forever!!!

coulda been better, good thought.. just kinda made me shit when the DBZ crap came out. :/ everything has dbz. :(


This one was much better than the first except you didnt fix the problem with the loading screen it still starts to soon.

Really good movie! It was smooth and detailed.
I also found the Banana they use in Peanut Butter Jelly Time. :D Im not telling you where, but it's easy to find.

Mario has got to be my favorite video game charachter of all time, I quite litterally grew up with him. Keep up the good work, and great job on the mortal kombat scene!

Yo doggt that was good man it was really funny. I liked the little mini type stories at the start they were good. I'm seriousy dude good job.


lol funny :) hahahahah

but you killed Mario! And Killing Mario is NOT cool.

I liked the mortal kombat scene, very good but everything else was kinda lame.Good overall.

i really like sprite movies, but theres one thing that always bugs me: WHERE DO YOU GET THE SOUND EFFECTS?! do you rip them, download them, or what? If you could let me know by replying to this message that'd be great. Keep up the good work


But I have to give you credit for the defend your castle parody in Scene three. All in all this was well worth my time. Thanks.

yo dude that was funny as hell pleez make a 3rd one i would give tha humor a 15 if i could i liked scene 2

i just finished watching/reviewing the first one you made, and i have to say, that this one is much better..

all of the scenes were funny, there was more variety in sounds from games.. yet the graphics is still only a 5, simply because they are sprites..

this one was much funnier then the first... great job!

To be fair, the first few acts weren't bloopers, more like mini stories, and not very good ones at that. The rest was pretty good though. If you plan ona 3rd installment, make them more like act 4 and 5!

act 1 and 2 were just stupid i wouldnt even consider them bloopers.the rest was decent

It had potential, but it relied on old jokes and bathroom humor way too much. It wasn't all that funny or original.

loved the title screen scenes

That was funny, espicially Act 2. That Mortal Kombat thing was amazing. The Graphics were swift and came along nicley and it's basically poking fun at Mario. Heh heh. Good Movie.

This is the best.keep up the good work.Dont ever stop doing these bloopers.

Funny movie of mario. not that funny but nice job with the music and the grapichs. I didnt like the 3 first acts after act 3 it got better. but act 6 was not that good. The ending was quite funny where the princess dragged mario!

anyways....... GOod job!

Keep the good work up!

Great movie, it was very amusing, I injoyed it a 100%, but ya have to work on your timing with the sound a lil bit, but it was a great movie, Good job, dudes

oh man it was good seeing mario die all those times great movie and i like how you added that mortal kombat part in just classic this should be remembered on ng forever

All the graphics that weren't ripped were really, really bad (the fried egg, the toilet, the pole or whatever that mario lands on). I'm sure you can do better than that. Also, some things that maybe only a stickler would notice, like the fact that that mario pokes the flusher instead of pushing it down, and that toadstool is waving his entire arm out of the socket instead of from the elbow. Little stuff like that. You used the sound effects from the games quite well though, and the physics resembled how the actual games move, which is important, and some of the jokes were cute. Overall not bad, but didn't knock my socks off either.

I liked it, good job. Too bad the games aren't actually like that ;P

Let it never be said that Sam X always gives poor reviews to spite-based Flash. A zero on graphics just cuz their not yours, but 10 on style because you know how to use them. 8 on sound because everything sounded great except Mario's scream. And an 8 on humor because that shit was pretty funny. Nicely done. Good times. ~ Sam X

You certainly know how to make Mario hilarious. Good luck with 3 if you ever make another.

Hmmm? Favorite act you say?

Act 2 would have been the best IF you didn't do the toilet humor (all the stuff before that was gold), other than that. The rest were pretty funny

act 4 was my favorite lol!

This is a good movie. Its pretty long. Did anyone else notice Luigi got replaced by a banana in one scene? I loved it.

good job. one of the best i have seen. but i wana ask u something. where do u get sprites?

I can review this movie in one word:

Hey I liked it but as I said above it was good but not as good as the first. Still pretty damn funny though.

-Psycho 0.o

It was a nice try, but there wasn't really anything funny there.

I liked the ending... corpse dragging... now THAT's funny. ;)

Gross-out humour's okay, but it gets tired after a while. If you make a 3rd one, keep them short and simple... the longer it gets drawn out, the better we expect the payoff to be.

The Mortal Kombat rip was good, maybe next time, play around with zooming and other angles... (It'll make it more interesting than having to rely on sound effects to sell the scene :)

Anyways, not bad, it's on par with the second Scary Movie in terms of funny parodies.


But one question. Where is the preloader.
Anyway. Keep up the good work!

you dint even need to get drunk to laugh

One of the best sprite movies I've seen!

You even got cameos from PBJ time and defend your castle.

I like episode 4 best. you should've put that up as episode one though.

Loved the sprite parodies, keep it up man.

Nice spoof!

that was funny, good job. i hope we can see a mario bloopers 3 that would be cool.

funny. really funny. I liked the goomba the most. btw, wat is the name of that midi used during goomba vs. mario?

Sometimes I laughed, but sometimes this movie can be pretty boring to..... Make it faster!

It was pretty funny. Just next time you do this, pick up a dictionary.

Great Mario bloopers!
Hope you´ll make more because this is truly fun as something very funny :P.

I only gave you a 5 on sound because it was off a little bit. other than that, good job.

This is good, but if it's supposed to be bloopers, then there should have been more scenes like from Act 3 on. Acts 1 and 2 should have been uploaded separately as part of something else - they are more like stories than bloopers.

ROFLMAO!!! Dude, that was some awesome shit! XD you did some awesome work on it! keep up the good work! ^^ the first mario bloopers was funny stuff too ^^

It's got some decent jokes, and nice spite movement. I like the part where Mario and the goomba fight semi-Mortal Kombat style. Nothing really bad here. Keep it up please.

But otherwise, pretty swell, although you lost my interest at Act 3. Keep up the good work!

This is one of the best looking-and sounding-Mario spoofs I have seen. It's also got some pretty good jokes, but you could retool them to make them a bit better. Overall, nice work.

That was some funny stuff!!!If this is the 2nd one that means that ive missed the 1st one,ill have to go and see that one now then.This was really good!

Wow, the end was some funny stuff...

But hey, mind writing me back? I'd just like to know how you make a sprite flash, all the basics i should know/have

email me (my email is in my profile)

Thanks mate, great job :P

i like how he use the graphics from some of the old mario games .....

The only problem is the pixels on the large Goomba. I especially like the SMW opening screen spoofs. It reminds me of a Game Genie effect on the title of the real game.

Those were hilarious, and I love the graphics too.

great job on makin this. Just goes to show you dont need artwork for somthing to look good.

lol great movie you 2. Good job, I'll be praising u 2 at VGR from now on.

Great movie, I love the humor used in this movie. I don't think you can get much funnier with sprites in a movie,..espically basing it off of mario. Great can't wait to see more stuff out that you make. Keep it up. Ps. if ya want check out some of my old shit on here.

:D < Mario screwing up... a lot.

Referring to "Defend Your Castle" was really smart! Nice job. Though the acts we,re a bit long, the movie was still pretty good.

Really good for a sprite movie, funny as hell. Good animation too, pretty much good everything actually.

There were some things that i would expect that a 12 year old would find humorous ( only a thing or two) but it totaly redeemed itself with sonic knocking mario off the title screen and the princess dragging marios coprse!!!HAHAHAHA, brilliant!

Shweet! This is the best movie that Matrix that ever made! It's so funny that you'll piss in your pants, like I did!

That was great. Nice use of different video game parodies. I laughed my ass off. Thanks for bringing me back man. All my 5 r belong to this.


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