penny bain. fuck ur ugly!

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She knows what she's doing, she's proud of it, and she knows how much we hate her. I hope you see that, you useless piece of shit and I know you'll cry for an hour. You're ugly and you're fat + you made me loose 3 hours of my life, bitch.



This flash is short. But at leat it kills Penny Bain.

I love the flas movies where she gets killed

I do like seeing these flash movies, or playing these games, saying violent gamng is bad, games are just for fun, whats next, saying that age of empires encourages people like bush to start wars, no, thats just ingle mindedness or wanting oil or something, games are to relax, i like nothing more than to play a bit of shadow of rome to relax (just to let you know shadow of rom is a 18+ game that you do gladiatorial fights in, you can do all sorts, cut peoples heads off, chuck peoples heads into the audience, smash enemies down with amputated arms, it's sickening, but great fun) my point being, she needs to get a life and stop living in the deppressing real world, come in and game (unlike most of us gamers who only see the likes of daylight when we need to shop).

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Nice one

That 500 ton, ugly bald bitch was trying to close down Newgrounds... Let's garotte her until she vomits blood! Awesome movie! Love the music and the way she croaks lol! She's a fat ugly monster and I want to stab her in the back of the head with a sword! :-)

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The disclaimer was wonderfull. I personally loved the reverse Manson song.

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I hope she goes to jail for sayng that!

See, people of newgrounds need to get together with pitchforks and torches and set that bitch on fire. Only then will our world be safe of people like that.

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Apr 7, 2001
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