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please keep in mind that this game is almost 5 years old, so of course it's a bit dated. i didn't know a thing about Flash while i was making this, so of course it could have been a lot better, but i still get emails from people every now and then saying how much they liked it!


the first game on newgrounds

This game is 15 years old already!!!! Well, not really that good, but acceptable for such an old game

The first game I ever played on Newgrounds, and it's really great! Although, you could have added more levels, and have the zombies actually try to attack you, but, other than that, great work! We'd love to see an AEvil 2. :)

first game!, cool.
5 starts and 5 R points to the author,
thank you.

Really, really, really fun! This far outshines any Flash game from this time period. The graphics are admittedly simple, but I like that you can shoot different body parts in addition to scoring kills, it makes things much more interesting and adds a bonus flair to it. There's also a bit of risk and reward with shooting the head first or the parts first. The music is damn good and you even include multiple tracks, all of which are decent for them being as short as they are.

There are really only three things that I feel may be a little lackluster. First is that the pattern is always the same. I did some quick research and it turns out that AS1 could generate random numbers. You could have made the patterns different. It would also have been possible to have more zombies come onto the screen at the same time, it really adds a sense of pressure that I didn't feel for most of the game. Finally, the graphics are majorly lacking. Darnell Plays With Fire is a perfect example of using imported graphics in a submission. You could have easily used a powerful drawing program to produce realistic-looking zombies and put them straight into the game. You might have been able to use photos, too, as some games do. In this context I think it would have worked out alright. Also, the animation should not just be a big 'bang' expanding outward; use frame by frame animation for shit's sake! Even the worst FBF animation looks better than a lazy tween. Example? The raindrops that shower on the trees in the first area look good for all of their simplicity.

This is really awesome though. Not like other junky Flash games.

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3.14 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2000
12:58 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person