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Sometimes its less about quality...

And more about content/intent. Despite the fact you need to work on perspective, I definatly got your objective of this film. Being able to express your feelings about something like this with your music choice with a combination of the paintings, was wonderful. Too few flash are made with beautiful messages like this one and I hope to see that one day your skill has caught up to the desires of your soul and can truly capture how you feel about anything. That is after all what art is all about. I hope you keep on practicing because I feel that one day you could make a truly moving and beautiful flash.

This one was moving too but some of the perspectives and textures really took away from the feeling. I wish you the best of luck, honestly wishing I could express myself in art half as well as you can, and will if you continue to sharpen your flash skills.


the artist has his own style by making those pictures look alive, not bad, but still, need improvement on that too...

not bad

yo shouldn't use his back as his front, or at least when he was a silhouette at the end you shouldn't show it's his front. that kinda lowers the quality of the movie

Hybrination responds:

Yeah that scene needed to be fixed but i forgot, and due to lack of time I just used cheap tricks to get the same effects... it works for the most part... but yeah i think that the scene lowers the quality of the movie also... Thanks for the Review!


Looks like you did your homework,this was great!

Well constructed Flashwork

Well done. That's all I can say.