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Thanks everyone for Daily 5th and all the great reviews! I read them all.

Just a quick dating sim I made. This game was kind of rushed, so it's not thoroughly tested. Let me know of any bugs or even suggestions in a review. Instructions can be found in-game. Enjoy! If anyone wants to team up on something like this in the future, email me.

I have made an extended version of this game.
New Version includes
Updated graphics
Nudity ;)
Fully animated cut scenes
20 total girls
A story line
Name and dress your character
Special endings for all girls
and much more!

Download link in game, enjoy guys!


just a quick dating game?!

No way,this is a big thing!It was great and it probably did take you lots of time.

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Good work!

Bug: When I score a basketball shot, I get +1/+1 on both counters but when I miss a shot I get 0/+1 on the counters.

AWESOME potential with this game. Keep up the good work!

Intrepid-Dusk responds:

That's no actually a bug. The number on the left is how many baskets you've sunk. The one on the right is how many you've attempted. So the one on the right always goes up when you take a shot, and the left one also goes up when you sink it. Thank you for bringing about a possible bug though.


well theres better on newgrounds but if you search around and find some of the original versions of sim girl (beta) then you will see that that game started out just like this one did. Put a bit more work into it and it will be better. perhaps make it so that once you get one girl to be your valintine, you should be able to go and try to get some others to be your valintine aswell. so i think a "back to the game" button after you win one girls heart would be good. Also when your donig the dress up thing in her pants selection theres a selection for nothing that doesnt do anytthing. also is there any chance of getting that girl with the black hair to like ya???

Intrepid-Dusk responds:

Actually, the selection for pants that shows as nothing is just that - no pants. If it didn't do anything, it's because she didn't trust you enough yet to be seen in an outfit without pants.
Sorry, the black-haired girl isn't available in this version.

feb. 14?

good game, i liked it, that idea of a sim date on vday was cool.

i say that for the next vday sim date (if there is going to be one) that you change the font of the letters to a one that is easier to understand, i had problems reading the things...
and a little polish in the graphics, thats all

all in all this is a good game :)

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Intrepid-Dusk responds:

Sorry, I didn't realize that the font would be hard to read on some computers. Next time I'll choose a more legible one.

GOod game, more or less

Still needs work tho.Girls coud be better drawn if possible (Sry if I'm pestering for something that can't be done) Alo, a reset button would be nice. Other than that, it's a good game, hope to see it fleshed out soon!

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4.03 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2004
9:29 PM EST
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily 5th Place February 11, 2004