From the shadows

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This movie, though very short, has plenty of gore. To prevent some defness, turn down the sound, it is very loud. If this does well, I'll continue the series. If it flops, I'll scrap the project.


Since I'm a gorehound!

I'm giving you a ten!


well. first off. every thinggy with a "start button" usaly gets a "2" or "1" but this was a but cheezy no offence, i know how hard it is to make flash becuse the only thing ive ever made was a animated GIF for a runescape sig, and that took me a good day and it didnt really look well,so im not gonna be a "GOAT FUCKER"
i liked it but when that bloodhound eat that guys throught. the blood sorta surounded his fase, if i were you (and im not) i would have him dear at the guys throught and have the blood whip from side to side the guy walkin was great, and made the rest of the movie look horrible.. no offence, but in the end, it was good. i liked it, it was short like you said. Props good stuff


enjoyable to say the least...

... the eating the throat part was pretty funny. Like you said though it was pretty short, so I went in not expecting a long movie, and it kinda made it better that way. Good job.

What the...

Was this your first flash movie ever? (rhetorical) If so then its okay, If not...It kinda blows wads of whale semen.

Great Graphics, Good Animation

I thought the drawings and overall effect of the movie was really good, however the plot seemed kinda hard to follow and detached. Overall, Great Movie! Keep 'em coming.

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2.91 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2004
8:58 PM EST
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