Lordy of the Bagel

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Lordy of the Bagel is a toon from www.raisinbagel.com. Its about when raisin bagel goes to his favorite fast food place to get tacos and gets the shits he gets home and punishes his toilet.. after he decides to sleep off his sickness. Then he kicks in to a dream with lord of the rings, its very stange to say the least.. I worked long and hard on this one!! Check it out!! if you like what you see, check out my site. Thanks!

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some of it was funny but it was too slow neways taco hell...heh..like form JTHM

It's been a long long while...

... since I last reviewed one of your flashes. Pwned, back in August of 2004, in fact. So anyway, I've been WATCHING them since then, just not reviewin' 'em. But here I am to remedy that today with reviews for FIVE more of your works.

Anyway, here's ol' Raisin Bagel to start us off... his... intestinal difficulties were quite nasty, though they certainly did send him off on quite the epic quest!

Peegle is... um... quite disturbing. Moreso than Gollum, really! And... Drodo and Ham are... way skinnier and way fatter than their inspirational counterparts, but otherwise almost identical. Anyway, your LOTR parody is funny in parts, but a lot of it seems to be based on that base humour value of changing names of people and locations a bit... things like Olddolf in his wheelchair and the dwarf getting shot in the head... were a step up. As was Peegle's need to hump everything in sight and the Goonies reference with Sean Astin implications. Heh. Brain matter galore!

Anyway, that was a messed up fun trip and quite the indictment of this... "Taco Hell" you refer to in this film. Yes.

nuff said

this is another one of my favoirt e rasins bagels toons. i give it a ten easily.

OMG lol

omg, that was so funny... it was so messed up that it was funny..

i give you a ten..

keep on doin whatcha doin.

haha, you are great!

You should do a sequal! Because this is some funny stuff!

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4.00 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
8:36 PM EST
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