Rammer Dress-up 2(fuller)

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well, its finally done. tons more stuff, lots more presets, backgrounds, and 4 or so new musich choices. took out the facial hair section. this took a while! lots and lots and lots of thanks goes to terms_and_tolls for helping me with most of hte presets!
theres a few easter eggs. ones in the moon background, one u have to find for urself. i guess thats it :P

(btw, terms_and_tolls doesnt want to say nething)
(btw btw this is my 20th submission :)

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Its a decent dress-up

I love the whole large view screen thats something these types of games need, im not too fond of the whole click the button for next item, as the drag and drop style seems to allow the player to bemore "CREATIVE" The character was notbad kind of simple, But as with the items you did add alot of them so that kind of made up for things, Some of the backrounds, were kind of cheesy but still worked well, I still think you should change to the whole drag and drop but your game here was pretty decent and i had some fun with it, anyways keep up the good work.

Some better backrounds would be nice, and changing to the drag and drop system might work better aswell, anyways decent game.


it was good... maybe better graphics could help... i dont like dress ups very much but i was fun... try to make another one...

Rammer responds:

my artistic style has improved much since i made this.

if i ever start it up again, i'll have to re-do everything to fit my style (which involves the thickening of lines >_>).

however, i am glad that you liked this, in spite of your dislike of dress-ups. thanks for the 8 (:


just not my type of game,but it wasn't bad

Rammer responds:

thanks for not letting your slight dislike of dress-ups get in the way of seeing any quality in this (:

To be honest...

To be honest, this game is not very good at all. I realize that you might have worked on it for a long time but for one, it's not very original, two the graphics aren't all that great, three the pieces arent that different, there could have been something other than changing the color of the head, shape maybe? At any rate, the music was pretty good. I've seen worse, try harder next time. Good luck.

Rammer responds:

1) ive never seen a dress-up that was designed like this. care to email me a link?

2) yeah, i wasnt such a great artist at the time. my art skills and style have changed quite drastically since this, so i might improve them a bit sometime.

3) how arent they, now?

4) if i changed the head shape, nothing else would fit \:

instead of telling me vaguely what things were wrong, try explaining them in DETAIL. "the pieces arent that different". i really dont know what oyu mean by this. how aren't they?

try backing up your statements with actual proof or other supporting details, because your review is pretty much vague opinions that dont have any support \:

Different kind of dress up

This is more like a create various rammers than a dress up. There I liek thate fact you can choose various themes to look at. There are lots of combos you can do, It could use some more. Overall this is ok. I enjoyed checking out all your stuff.

Rammer responds:

yup, ive started working on rammer - dressup 2 (fullerER) its going to have a ton more options. itll be a while before ill want to finish it though.

thanks for all your reivews, again :P

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3.00 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
3:50 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up