Rammer Dress-up 2(fuller)

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well, its finally done. tons more stuff, lots more presets, backgrounds, and 4 or so new musich choices. took out the facial hair section. this took a while! lots and lots and lots of thanks goes to terms_and_tolls for helping me with most of hte presets!
theres a few easter eggs. ones in the moon background, one u have to find for urself. i guess thats it :P

(btw, terms_and_tolls doesnt want to say nething)
(btw btw this is my 20th submission :)



Great overall. The presets are good and lots of choices. I really liked the Demon and Robot. Good Backgrounds and good music. If you could see me youd see me giving you two thumbs up.

Rammer responds:

:D thx a lot! my personal fav is the demon...and the rocker...and the ape. heh...i guess i like how the demon rammer turned out best.

Rammer !

I really like your work and I'm not very impressed by this dress-up ! Your first one was much better. Could you please make a 2nd (3rd?) dressup where you drag the articles of clothing/items/emoticons ? This clicking on the buttons to dressup is really awful.

Thanks !


Rammer responds:

i hate drag n drops myself, so imnot going to create a whole nother dressup just for u. if dozens of other ppl wanted a drag n drop, maybe i would, but otherwise, no. this one has many, many less limitations, like space for example. instead of putting all the crap all over the place where u cant see it, its just a click away.

bungslang dingledor!?!

Rarffing pollfed beruns ald chup

Rammer responds:


Just Ok

This was well drawn and easy to use, but it just seems kind of silly to dress up glorified stick figure. I really liked the backgrounds, and I think that many of the outfits were funny and cool, but I would rather dress up a girl. Keep working because I think you have a lot of potential! I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future!

Rammer responds:

from dressing up a stick figure to wanting to see more stuff. huh. thx neway

This is why I visit Newgrounds every day,

This is why I visit Newgrounds every day, because occassionally you find a really good, piece of work submitted to the portal.
because it is great. Great sounds, animation,
its ovious you worked hard on this and did your best i am impressed you didnt cut corners..
excellent job on this


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Rammer responds:

WOW! this must be like, the best compliment ive ever gotten! thanks 2 thousand!

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2.74 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
3:50 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up