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NG Time Trial Challenge B

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Author Comments

as quoted from Mr. Luis:
"This series consists of putting together a variety of ng artists at different skill levels and styles and having them work within tight deadlines. It wasnt really a competition but more a challenge to yourself to get something done within the short time. There were 9 entries total and in order to get everyone crammed into it we split it into 2 groups."

with that said, i give you group B! (group B was supposed to include more authors, but we experienced some technical difficulties)


ng users are f'ing stupid

You reviewers are a bunch of morons! Everyone keeps saying someone's should win over the other. Where does it say this is a contest? Everyone is also saying Pinnicle's movie isn't deep....didnt anyone stop to think it wasn't supposed to be deep? Why doesn't anyone say Alanthebox's movie wasn't funny. I swear, all of you stupid little kids need to double up on your ridilin.

StrawberryWatch--hardcore Pinnicle fan

AlantheBOX responds:

wasn't funny!?! why i oughta... i'm just kidding. yes, it has gotten a little ridiculous. maybe if everyone would just stop and read the comments, people would understand this was not a competition between pinnicle and myself. the only thing we were competing with was a deadline.

one was better

they were both nice to watch but i enjoyed alans movie better.

((( DECENT )))

Well you know me anything you do is awsome, i could only give 8's this time sorry to see you get into all the hoopla, anyways it was cool, cant get better then Alan ha, anyways good work like always...


1st one bad, 2nd one good

'the suggestion box', complete nonsense, not even funnyand i like stupid humour but that was just moronic, the animation was poor and the message from the suggestion box wasn't a suggestion but a question.
this collaboration was redeemed by 'leaves (a love story)', good animation, geed plot and an overall appealing style.
This collaboration is a good example of what can go wrong and what can go right in a timetrial.
'they said if i'd do the suggestion box they'll give me oreo's' pitiful.

alan rocked the staged the other one sucked

overall i would probly give it a 5 but with a break throught preformance from alan i changed my mind and gave it a 8 rocky sucked batman catnip this guy is and idiot!

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3.84 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2004
12:43 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 9, 2004