NG Time Trial Challenge B

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as quoted from Mr. Luis:
"This series consists of putting together a variety of ng artists at different skill levels and styles and having them work within tight deadlines. It wasnt really a competition but more a challenge to yourself to get something done within the short time. There were 9 entries total and in order to get everyone crammed into it we split it into 2 groups."

with that said, i give you group B! (group B was supposed to include more authors, but we experienced some technical difficulties)


NGTT rocks, but when you...

...put two flashes in a group alone, there's a natural tendency for the whole world to declare a winner between the two.

next time put >= 4 flashes in a group

AlantheBOX responds:

as i mentioned in the author's comments, our group experienced some problems. there were supposed to be 4 entries, but one was not finished on time and the other was having importing problems. so... yes, 4 would've been a more fitting number.

This is one AWESOME idea...

But my Flash work is reeeeeaaaally rough. Ah well.

I know it's not suppose to be a competition but...

I'm not judging pinnacle's movie on a standard of how deep it is, because of course it wasn't supposed to be, i've seen many movies and many styles but even using straight out cheap laughs as the metric, Pinnacles movie falls short. (And don't tell me it's not some sort of competition in the long run, seeing as we have this review feature)

Anyway enough of my bitching about bad movies, AlantheBOX's movie was quite good, i'm going through all of his movies right now, and this one was refreshing, good work.

Pinnicle Rules!

Pinnicle's movie was awesome...and im not just saying that because i've been a neptunecircle.com fanatic these last few years...im saying it as an observer of the time period he had and the amount of work that went into it...this is an awesome movie and i hope to see it on the site soon...

Pinnicle's movie was shit..

It was a piece of crap and I hated it, bland humor, stupid graphics, and the voices were shit. Although alan's was great, very good graphics and nice idea.

This is kind of like a Beauty and the beast type movie haha.


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Feb 8, 2004
12:43 PM EST
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