Felony (Demo)

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PLEASE NOTE! This is a DEMO. The only reason I'm adding this game is get suggestions from you on what you would like to see in the final release.

You CAN: walk around the city, buy stuff, do 1 mission.

I still have to add: voice actors, rooms, more babes, missions, people on the street and MUCH more.

Enjoy the DEMO and post any suggestions.

PS: the death sequence will be changed so that you can continue where you are when you die. Please remember that this is an EXTREMELY unfinished game. Thanks for all your words of encouragement so far.

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1- you can find what the controls are by clicking options (bottom right)
2- go right to the second screen and go down once you get the the street corner
3- you should see the strip club.. then go right one screen to the gun shop
4- walk up to the door and press Enter, buy whatever but save at least $100
5- go back towards the strip club and go down once you get the the street corner
6- you should see the night club.. go right 2 screens.. walk up to Bus sign and hit Enter
7- you should be outside of Q's clothing.. go one screen right and enter the Casino
8- good luck!.. lol

the only other places you can do anything is Harry's General store (where you can buy things you can't use).. and the hospital to restore health.. you can also get the rare opportunity to be hit by a car (-4 health).. and once you die.. your dead.. refresh browser was the only thing i could do to start over from the beginning.

wanted to like this.. but.. then i played it.. no idea why this is in the Adult category...
terrible controls, only one "mission", and no tits!

0/5 stars

The enter key doesn't do anything so this game is utterly broken.

This game sucks ass. Boring, ugly, and no instructions.


I can't enter buildings or do anything with the enter key. Unsure as to why. Maybe my browser. You said so yourself, definitely unfinished. The controls need reworking, and you should be able to do other things with your mouse, as in like not permanently have the gun in your hand. Bigger crosshair, too.