Clubby The Seal

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Clubby The Seal is on a mission of mindless revenge. Treking across the frozen tundra, Clubby must bash his way through armies of seal clubbers, huge beasts, and a few familiar faces. Collecting human skin hides and selling them on the black market.

A= Attack
S= Jump
D= Change mask (when available)
Q= Change graphics quality (recommended for 1ghz or lower)
ENTER/ESC= Pause game

This is the third game that Edmund and I have created... and our next will be the long-awaited CEREUS PEASHY!
The universe of characters and settings that Ed is creating has only just begun, and I intend to do my damn best to help him continue to bring this vibrant and mysterious world to life!
With that I'm off to Europe for a 2 week vacation from game development and running a site! Seeyall later and enjoy Clubby The Seal!



very very ironic

lol that seell is a KILLERRR >:D

MAN the game is awsome i wish u make another game of this type

Decent Game

Clubby the Seal is quite entertaining. Pretty smooth graphics. And well... a seal KILLING THINGS. The game has an ever so increasing difficulty, and a good variety of bosses. But with all the good things going for this game, its way to hard. I couldn't beat the 4th level. Most people can't get past the second. This meaning most players of Clubby the Seal will never see the ending (unless they search it on youtube)

Clubby The Seal is overall a decent game worth trying out. Who wouldn't wanna play as a cute seal beating the shit outta everything?

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Hard almost impossible but awesome

i like the fact tht a cute thing can merc someone

A fun but overly brutal beat-em-up

Clubby the Seal is a LOT of fun at first. Nothing's more satisfying than mowing down hordes of baddies with a club. The graphics are nice and colorful, with excellent animation and lots of deliciously sickening gore, and the sound effects are lovably goofy.

Unfortunately, for all its entertainment value, Clubby the Seal is simply too damn hard. The enemies are relentless in their singleminded pursuit of destroying you, and since they always attack at least two at a time, you're almost always going to be attacking while simultaneously getting hit. I was initially under the impression that the levels were randomized, which would make it more palatable to play through the same levels over and over again, but it seems more like there are simply two different "level ones" that are cycled through with each play.

I must confess that I haven't really made it that far in this game. Even after over 2 hours of playing, I've only made it to the very beginning of level 3 before dying. Perhaps, later on, the game becomes more varied in its enemy types, combat style, level design, and overall fun; however, at the point I'm at, Clubby the Seal is simply too monotonous and difficult for me to try and get further.

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4.07 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2004
11:18 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily Feature February 9, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place February 11, 2004