NG Time Trial Challenge

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This series consists of putting together a variety of ng artists at different skill levels and styles and having them work within tight deadlines. It wasnt really a competition but more a challenge to yourself to get something done within the short time. There were 9 entries total and in order to get everyone crammed into it we split it into 2 groups. Group A is featured today Group B tommorrow. Stay tuned for the next NG TT!



~Idea For Not Cheating~

T0mmy, or whatever his name was, said he might submit his for the second time trial challenge. Meanwhile he could have spent weeks on it, thats unfair. So you guys, choose the people wisely, and make sure they do not cheat. The one by Luis is hard to believe it was done in 3 days. Anyways good job on the animation. I voted 5, and all 10's.

Very nice all around.

i scored this thing a 5 for the idea of a flash time challenge. it's interesting, atleast in my opinion all the artists turned out work that was more enjoyable than most premeditated stuff. again, very nice, i can't wait for the second and half and future challenges.

Review for NG Time Trial Challenge

I went over my time limit of an hour so I gave up on the project, but then I heard it turned into a 3-day project, so I might be able to finish today for the next group. And now I get to see how everyone's turned out first ;)

Anyway, time to review the movie(s)-- this was a great "mini-Newgrounds Jam" idea. All the movies were great for the time limit. Although I have to say the most successful was Luis' animation.

Note, the above scores for the categories were kind of averaged for all the movies.

Good job to everyone involved.


Very Well done

If u were able to do that in three days, especially the one done by luis very veyr good


I watched the topic going on, and thought that if this goes well, and there's another one like this, I'll join the contest! :D

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3.83 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2004
12:21 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 8, 2004