Untampered: ReWorked

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Call me the king of remake but When i went through my old flashes and i watched untampered it seemed rather slow. so with extra added on and a nice framrate injections its twice as good as before.
ALSO: I have ideas for two more ADL movies and I have a Excuse to animated movie coming up so look forward to those.
For ideas on ADL episodes email me at Bennyboy2110@yahoo.com



Well this was pretty good, you have a nice story to go along with this and thats what I liked about it, the heavy metal music was a big plus too if you ask me it made the action a bit better, Im ok with "STICK" characters but I think you should really think about adding some facial experssions like mouth and nose etc

I think you should really think about adding some facial experssions like mouth and nose etc


Not bad

Some cracker jack rambled about your flash..when i thought it was pretty good. You actualy left out the lame ass old school bycicle kick and used some low to the ground action...keepin it real like a two dolla bill..bitches.


I don't see why you even made this.
The graphics were worse than most stickmovies (those were worth watching though, so I can't really compare them yo yours). The animation looks like some lazy fuck has been doing this (and I assume that's you).
The songs would've fit if the flash itself was good. The violence were a cliché.
Overall, you need yo learn how to use flash.


but what i dont get, is how did he just become a super killing machien? like did he have some sorta bio-mechanical killing man inside him? cause thats a lil rediculous n he didnt waste a single bullet on anything but a headshot. still pretty good tho. 3 for you


That was awsome!Great work!ADL rules too!

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3.12 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2004
10:03 PM EST
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