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Stikfas ZZZ

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Author Comments



((( HMMM OK )))

Well it was ok, but needs some fine tuneing, a fine tooth comb should be taken thru this and cleaned up, i will give you a few points but it needs work, and i think you know that...



OK So after clicking and watching around 2 1/2 seconds i realised i watched your first one and i should quickly hit the restart button well after rebooting I decided i wouuld write a little review saying please.. dont make anymore of these you girlie sounding little bitch

Stupid. Dumb.... Ugh.

the first thing that I thought of when I saw "MOTS" was that applesauce company... okay... if ppl keep on telling you that it sucks, and all your mott's stuff keeps on getting blammed, then why do you insist that their "L337"?! d0 j00 3v3|\| |<n0W W|-|47 l33T |s? You have to be a hacker to consider yourself "L337". I bet the only reason you think L337 is cool is because you read megatokyo.

And just because someone doesn't have Flash doesn't mean they're poor. I mean, how many people out of 10 do you think want to be a Flash designer or programmer? and if you're so rich.... how come you don't have a server or even a domain name? look: FREEwebs.com is your host. FREE. and even before you post any flash stuff that people can talk about... you make a forum. a forum. so, what r u expecting these ppl to type?

"hey, did you see the new blankness?"
"yeah! it was boring... but it was still better than his newgrounds submissions!"

and you're calling these sensible people noobs just because they say that your movie sucks? i mean.... really..... i'd appreciate it if you never made any flash stuff again.

Static responds:

None of my flashes ever got blammed and I have a tk site,o your opinion is shit and your review is vomit have a bad dad fag :)

im not being a hater dude

this almost makes poop look good i voted 1 Xill~

Static responds:



I understand this must've taken alittle bit of time (maybe). But it really didn't come out as much. It was alright for frame by frame. If you feel compelled to keep making movies this way, try getting better camera angles, zoom in alittle more, try to get clearer sound, and for god's sake, don't feel compelled to make another movie this way! :-p

Static responds:

Yeah I think I might do that

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Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2004
7:53 PM EST
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