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Everyone said it needs sound so i added it. Should be better now


Not bad...

This is a pretty decent clip, not bad keep up the good work and the way you do it, the more original it is the better

Keep it on this way

*My 5 points*
-It's good that finally good reviewers saw this movie. I saw it at my high school today and there was a majority of bad reviews.Still I'm not giving you that much on the review for it because this looks more like an intro than just a single movie. It leaves me to my appetite, waiting for something, guessing, no please, don't tell me it's just that
-Your drawings are okay. I really like the way the old guy turns, it's smooth. Thinking of the realism part, I don't thing a little pop's handgun could blow half the face of the little guy
-The song at the end is perfect, it gives a lot of style to the movie. You mastered music/animation perfectly
-You easily got a 4/5 by me. This kind of no brainer shoot at a guy has been seem a hundred times, but here's my rating explanation : This isn't dog shit and you surely put a lot of effort doing the bg and animations. There was something new to it even if we see this everyday, you put a kind of little message that had a sense, not just some crappy, lazy boring sentence like "Don't fuck wid da old people or you'll die", then you're movie is decent for that, but sincerly, It was one of the best little 20-30 sec gig I saw on the portal, even if I still believe it was too short wich easily cut you from having a 5.



Pretty damn good movie!

I thought this movie was great! heh. What is the song playing when the kid gets shot? Email me at wicked13@uswest.net and let me know!


Hell ya!

this is really gay

and you suck goat nuts

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2.44 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2001
5:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original