George and the Demon

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A very old game.


Hello there, goody fellow

Great game, it's very fun. Kan du dansk? Det er altså sjovt at kunne læse noget næsten på sit eget sprog. Svensk, dansk og norsk du ved... Anyway, the game was really great, hope you make the fuel version. I'm looking forward to that.

Pretty cool!

This game was a lot of fun. i hope you finish it soon, I would like to see what the ending is!


An overall good game! I cant wait to see this updated! Keep at it man!

Pretty dang cool game

What do you mean a low vote? It has a 3.17, which for Flash here is damn good. You shouldn't judge the goodness of this flash on the successfulness of your other entry. Personally I hope you get this finished pretty soon as its refreshing from all the usual so-so entries on the Portal.
Oh yeah... I caught your little Gorillaz quote from a reply yo gave to a reviewer. Gorillaz are badass.
*I was officially the 666th person to rate this movie... yes I am Satan!*


This was great!
I got all the way to the end only to find out that this was only a demo how dissapointing. I was really getting into it!
Well..i hope you decide to finish this off I wanna get that damn demon!
nice work! very fun and interactive!

raitendo responds:

what's really irritating me though is the low rating the game has received! my other game AWO got 3.50 and this one's loads better and has currently got 2.66...that's sick! But this nederlag has only sporred me to continue on the game...ARGH! This will be the best game ever when the full version is released! And if I get a low rating again I'll vote down every game / film on newgrounds! REVENGE!!!!

no. but I'm still pretty pissed.

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2001
4:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click