George and the Demon

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A very old game.



I'm a big fan of RPG's and yours is a very good one, I like your style of humor and art. Just great ol' chap, if it's finished or you want any help, just write a mail to ME


I hope the finished version will be even better!
Aren't you going to make a sequal for a weird ordeal, I thought that was one of the best games on Newgrounds. Anyway, as long as you make a sequal to this I'll be happy!
Please keep up the good work!!!!!

raitendo responds:

you actually prefer AWO to this? hmmm...problem is, when we started on that game none of us knew any programming but Play, Stop, and Go to. Now that one of us got the hang of variables too, AWO is hell to continue working on. But considering how much higher a grade AWO got, maybe we really should continue on it instead...but remake it completely, form the beginning, and add an inventory...send a mail if you've got a point on this

It may be a demo, but I don't take excuses.

Low scores BECAUSE it's unfinished. That music loop was annoying as hell. Make it longer, or change it up once in a while. Or, better yet, have an "Options" button to turn the damn stuff off. I like the QTE's, though. Nice change of pace in a game like this. So far, the game seems very "Escape from Monkey Island", one of my personal pastimes. Well, back to something constructive: polish that drawing a TON! I appreciate that they're not all just stuck-together ovals, but come ON! That damn face in the preloader freaked me out. Change it. Now. (Honestly, a "Loading..." with the dots animated would have been much better. Staring at a face like that will get lots of modemers to screw off.) Also, I'd suggest some more variation in the conversation. I like the whole "everybody's an idiot" thing, but it works much better with active vocals. If you straighten up the conversation box, though, it'll go a long way. I guess, basically, finish the damn thing. ;)
I figure I may as well add this:
Ignore any review that gives all zeroes or all tens. People who do that need to be kicked in the head, and shot in the back, respectively.

raitendo responds:

alright...as always, when you get criticism you first get shocked ("what?! doesn't he like that?)

Music: Personally, I love the music and can listen to it for hours (and actualy have while bug-testing the game). Considering that everybody that reviwed the game game music a low score I suppose that you're right...I'll come up with something.

Graphics: What? Are you serious? I love my own drawing, actually. How can you give me a 4 in graphics? That's the way I draw, and even if you don't like it I know many other appreciate it. So I think I'll stick to it. but okay, I'll change the preloader (but I think it has a humorous value...don't you?)...

You're right about that all zeros all tens thing. But I would much have preferred if you've given me a 10 instead of a 5...really, that's low. thanks anyway. Please! feel free to mail me if you've got any further comments.

Reminds me off ............

The old codemaster game dizzy this a really good effort hope to see it finished

great job

but the finished version would get a score of 10 from me

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2001
4:11 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click