Ode to Cigarette

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Cigarette, a www.go-gaia.com user, claims to be dying of terminal brain cancer. She confesses to Cycon that it is merely a scam to get attention and tells him that he is stupid.
As it says, this is based on something that actually happened to me while chatting on the Gaia forums. She was pretty mean about everything, and when I jokingly made fun of this claim, alot of people got angry with me. I was reported to the administrators 3 times. Today, she re-appeared on the forums "magically" and it was like Christ rose from the grave. I simply laughed. Now she can see this mock up of the situation.. Its slightly modified and especially formatted for those who didn't believe me. Fuck you, Gaia... Fuck you....

NOTE: The new stuff isn't based on Gaia. This particular toon happened to be, but later cartoons are not meant to be set in that lame world. I swear.

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Nice flick

This was cool the "CHARACTERS" were pretty cool I use to play gaia online many years ago this is one of those kinds of flash works you could ad some subtitles the voices were small yet you can hardly hear them at times but i would ad some subtitles regardless.

Adding some subtitles would be a plus here.


I didn't see what this had to do with cigarettes. Good thing I read the author comments. A mention of the Gaia forums! For how popular they are, they don't really mention that website a lot. How do you kill someone who's already dead? I think there was another flash like this.

It was another Mentos parody where someone was shot. Was this a reference to that? I'm not a fan of this series but that was quite funny. The designs were really cool. The colors are nice too.

"I fuck her with my words!" Hilarious, haven't enjoyed a DCK animation in a long while.

Cycon responds:

Who has?!

10/10 would teen murder again