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Malicious Mayhem

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Author Comments

If you don't know about the malicious entrys there at this link
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=106037 (there's a clickable link at the end of the movie).
Hope you enjoy :-)

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Haha, yeah, CC sucks.

Nice, creative, movie. Haha, Clock Crew suck, forreal though. Nice movie about kickin' their ass.

StupedKid responds:

Yeah, i wish i had a following so any movie i submitted could get on NG, i'd soo get king of the portal.. But some people have to actually put work into there projects to get em on here...

Down WITH ClockCrew!!!


StupedKid responds:

OMG THANKS FOR THE 10!!! Yeah clock crew makes me mad. The fact that there shit is here, but then again i make myself mad, the fact that my shit is here DOWN WITH STUPEDKID..... Wait..................................................


THAT WAS SO FUCKING GREAT. i dislike the clock movies so that was a +. if u are looking for sugjestions i would take a little more time into the main charecter

other than that great job :)

StupedKid responds:

I'll make sure to develop him better if i chose to continue the series =P thanks for the 10

Nice Work.

This was kinda funny, you might want to increase your skills as a flash artist, A movie's animation could be all the better by taking a few more minutes of work, frame by frame.

StupedKid responds:

Thanks, ill take your advice into consideration ^_^


I loved it... I hope this stays on the portal because it was very funny and entertaining. Good luck in future flashes... I will be watching for them. (PS: Thanks for making the clock crew spam joke, that needed to be said)

StupedKid responds:

Thanks, i'll need all the luck i could get =P, glad you liked it