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tie bow: ep 1 shortie

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I now you guys dont really like short movies, but I apologize!
My days are geting so busy I can barley do any flash animations

Please forgive me for the such a short flash! :(

But heres my idea:
The first ones will be called "episodes" (problems this guy has trying to get his TV or tape to play) Once he gets his TV and tape working, I'll start the Tae-Bo Parody with "Tapes" rather than "episodes"

I promise you guys more

And feedback will deffinetally keep this alive! :D

Thanks guys!

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whats sad

what sad about this i have seen an incedent like this one before butit was with hip hop abs they couldnt get the tv to turn on it turned out it was unpluged but it was to late she done thrue a chair thrue the tv out of frutration she felt dumb aftwerds though


Nice work, i want to see the next parts.


tres tres funny. im still laffing. i liked the part where the VCR tries to get away and gets pulled back. hahahaha definatle a good one. cant wait for the next episodes

Oh, no too funny!

LOL, I'm glad that my Computer doesn't have a remote!!!!!
This a little bit short, but great!!
All of your stuff is so great and funny, you seam to put a lot of work into it!


Cool short flash reminds me of my friend lol nice work its cool if its short
haha keep up the good work.