Ghost Motel 7

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Ghost Motel 7: Demon Hunter Academy
ory: Violet-AIM
Voices: XwaynecoltX, Violet-AIM, Istvan_Orosi

For ur information Violet-AIM and XwaynecoltX are TWO DIFFERENT PERSONS. Do not think that we are the same.

This is an interactive story flash. The story continues from where the last one left off. If you haven't seen the previous episodes, you might be confused. You'll need to solve puzzles to advance sometimes. This is a fictional story, nothing in this should be taken seriously. This episode is longer than most of the other episodes, which is why it is 3MB. There is also a scene select screen, but it's best to play the movie from beginning to end. Special thanks to XwaynecoltX, Istvan Orosi, and Claudia (for voices). Art/Animation: Violet-AIM, Story: Violet-AIM/XwaynecoltX, and Music: Violet-AIM

I also want to thank everyone who's been supportive of this series.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me. Somebody broke into my account and made posts without my consent.



i like this. its very good. when i did the exam i kept getting question 4 wrong but i got it right. keep up the good work and maybe we can slay some demons on ghost motel 8!

Violet-AIM responds:

If all goes well, it's very possible that Joseph will be slaying demons in a game someday. It'll have to be done in a real game setup (instead of an interactive story way). Thanks for reviewing XxpyroxX.

Got a bit boring

The voices and actions were slow and depressing. And this was a game?

Violet-AIM responds:

It's supposed to be an interactive story (NG lists it either as "movie" or "interactive/game"). So I picked interactive/game because of the interactivity. Someday in the future, there will be a real "game" version of Ghost Motel, but til then, I choose to build up the story first.

Good job.

I thought that this submission, and the submissions prior were all good attempts at telling what seems to be an interesting story. I like your modern take on Purgatory, it's fresh. As for the voice acting, and this is constructive criticism after all, I would rather there not be any at all. The voices are just too monotone, they're very drab. The voice inflection and intonation, when there is any at all, is used poorly. Now I don't know if this is artist/director's intent, but aside from that little grievance I think this flash has a lot of potential. Keep it up! By the way I gave you an extra 3 points overall, just because you can use flash. I'm jealous. Peace!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks rikumasan. Funny, I always thought having any voices was better than no voices(silence). I can try to tell everyone (including myself) to try harder with voices, we can always try to improve, but I think it might be hard for some ppl because they are also trying to talk in a different voice, rather than a normal talking voice. LOL I think I'll always be haunted by the fact that I used the word "purgatory" somewhere in episode 2. Personally, I don't believe in purgatory but it makes for a good fictional fantasy story.

well done

just like the previous reviews,one word:well done!

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks again for the positive feedback raining_windy. :)


Your movies/games are just so enthralling! I missed the last one and just went back to play it before doing this one.:-)

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks for keeping up with the series. Glad you liked it Apeman505! :)

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3.87 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2004
6:37 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place January 30, 2004