South Park Char Creator 3

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Update - (9 - 23 - 04)

I just added Save and Load Buttons , Music (including the ability to add your own music in), and a new loading screen.

*Note - the Save slots are for your computer only*



Wow, glad you guys like the game.

Alot of people have been wanting music, well the reason I didn't add any is because people never agree on music. If I put a certain band in then somebody will vote low and say that they hate that band. So, no music. You can always use windows media player. Also if you click on certain things in the games, such as the weapon accessories and background objects,
they will do stuff. Also about sound, there is some on the stuff u click. I didn't put sound effects on the buttons because that would be annoying.

I would just like to point out the generate character in the options, and the custom shirt text in case nobody noticed them. If you change the text in the lower left corner, then go to shirt logos > custom text, you can put that text on your shirt.


This is the newest South Park Maker game that I have made. This one gets rid of the old drag and drop game play of the others, and uses a menu. This is going to be the last one I make.
I put alot of hard work into this.

If you notice any thing that I spelt wrong or and bugs in the game, please email me at midevil6999@hotmail.com.

Have fun!


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i made mr. garrison as a kid! heres the code:

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awsome game dude

this is the best character creator i have ever seen in my life so far

keep up the good work


Nice game, cool effects

its good

now take this and make a game that you use the char to do things.

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3.94 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2004
4:14 PM EST
Gadgets - Construction Set
  • Daily Feature January 30, 2004