Postman Pat and his Cat

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The first Postman Pat cartoon i made. took a few hours and that is why it is so short. i was just messing around and descided to submit it. It isnt super funny but hey, its still around isnt it?


Here's some advice

the title screen is the first thing people see, so if you want your animation to stick around, don't make it look like a 6 year old with no arms drew it. Instead of just blamming it because of the shitty title screen like most would, I actually watched the thing and it was pretty good art, I guess. If you based your movies on something more than the theme song from an unpopular children's show, you could actually be pretty good.

Haleth responds:

i was in a rush to make the title screen and i didnt think it was such a big deal. and i think the show is a big hit in england where i got it (i visisted england when i was little) i am actually gonna make a series of these characters so look for it in the future... if oyur interested

good for a first movie

cool for a first movie.. but might get blammed sorry

Haleth responds:

It isnt my first movie.... just my first time with this style of animation.... and no.... it wont get blammed.... actually.. i think it didnt get blammed...so..... HA! thanks for the big 07

Not to bad...

I think you are on to something here.

Haleth responds:

oh.... i am on to something.... like scooby and the gang is onto doctor moloy in the haunted mansion episode

I loved The CAT

You should do something with it. It was funny and there is a tone of directions to go. I cant help with the fixen part of it but it was drawn very well. great job ;-)

Haleth responds:

I love the cat to... why do i have to fall inlove wiht the ones i cannot get.... huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (<-Sigh)

and i am gonna do something iwht it... im gonna have cartoon (plot and everything)


It was nice. You should make the layers less apparent, a little longer, and yeah... I guess you know how to fix the arm?

Haleth responds:

what do yeez mean less apparent? i.. dont understand? and the arm is unfixable in my eye... it is either behind the head or over it and i choose behind... but then again.. i could add another layer.... yes! that will work! IM OFF TO SEE IF IT ACTUALLY WILL!

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2.88 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2004
7:56 PM EST
Comedy - Parody