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Postman Pat and his Cat

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The first Postman Pat cartoon i made. took a few hours and that is why it is so short. i was just messing around and descided to submit it. It isnt super funny but hey, its still around isnt it?


I remember seeing this when I eight. I thought it was kind of funny when the cat striked and jumped on Postman Pat's face. Ahh, memories.. :)

Very funny

Haha this was funny made me laugh, very good humor in this and the animation was great i really liked it keep up the good flashworks

Very funny stuff here



this left me laughing for quite a hile this should b on the front page and hoo does the voices oh ye i liked it wen the mvie goes with they music like knock,ring and al dat

Haleth responds:

Thanks i guess..... either you must be drunk, high, or 3 years old cause i have no idea what the poop you just said...

i watched postman pat for 10 years ago.

This was different though,great job!It looked really similar to the real thing.Fun too"

Haleth responds:

I thought postman pat was claymation... (if my 7 year old memory holds to be true) and thanks


Only thing is, the preloader was just an altered version of the downloadable newgroudns one... and Postman Pat isn't your idea... It's ok as a one-off, but i dont recommend u make a series out of a character you didnt create. Otherwise, yea, animation 'n all that crap is good, just need your own characters etc.

Haleth responds:

was i trying to say it wasnt the newgrounds one? I could make my own preloader.... im just to lazy to do it... so....... suck off, suck a lemon, suck an ass, and suck a lolly pop. and i never said postman pat was my idea... i "copied" the characters off of and english cartoon, and i even use its theme song... how does that pass for me trying to pass it as MY OWN idea.

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Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2004
7:56 PM EST
Comedy - Parody