Miracle Explosion-Ep#03

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Watch Episodes 01 and 02 first. If you have a crappy computer, use the quality button. Don't blame me for your inadequacies.

fourchinnigan.com just had a super overhaul. There is a section devoted strictly to MX with character bios. Check it out. Email chinny@fourchinnigan.com if you would like to be on the mailing list or if you want to mock my genitals.

Which type of Miracle Explosion game would you like to see in the future:
Fighting (a la Street Fighter)
Side Scroller (Think Double Dragon)
Role-playing Adventure (Such as Final Fantasy)
Role-playing Action (Like Zelda or Mana)
Strategy (Final Fantasy Tactics Style)
Puzzle (Similar to Adventure of Lolo)
Other (A combo or something totally different)

Email chinny@fourchinnigan.com and let me know.



Its going somewhere,,,,,, the Graphics are ok,,,, Could of been better tho,,,, the Voice of that Creature is weird and sometimes hard to understand,,,,, but besides that its good,,

Pretty good

Annoying sound in the left speaker though...


make it a game and then EVERYBODY WINS!


the first two were gay, but this takes the cake

fourchinnigan responds:

I will do my best to make future installments more manly and heterosexual. Far be for me to purvey the stench of homosexuality throughout our open-minded intelligent society. Thank you for saving my soul and my genitals from the depths of sodomite sin. I bow to you, sir.


now what the crap? that would have to be one of the CHEAPEST most RETARED vid i have ever seen! I COULDENT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THE PERSON AND THING WAS SAYING! TRY HARDER NEXT TIME! now good bye and have a nice day.

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2001
9:55 PM EDT
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