Beta 2

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that was f#$%in awsome


Well. Stick figures....were all getting sick of them i think. My friend you need more sound effects. Your story telling is top notch. Your microphone is terrible but im sure you knew that. hella scratchy. Your choise of music was pretty good. i dunno...more than i could do. Okay im outta here.

And now for something completely different

There isn't a weak point in the movie at all so good job. However there is nothing that makes it squeaky clean or highly refreshing. Nor does it sway with new ways of creating animations. So in one hand you've made a quality movie, but on the other hand that doesn't make it any more deserving than another movie with your elements.

The reason for its vote will be based on voice acting (which is good); length (which is expected in a time of good votes) and interaction with the person. Many must learn interaction with the watchers isn't all about buttons. Its about thoughts. I knew what to expect here, least most of it. Some things just a little too cheap to even bother remembering.

So what will Beta 3 consist of? Decision making ideas would be a nice starter. Better bodies also, not that there is anything wrong with a stick figure, right? And perhaps some humor. You know...laughing kind.

Abbot-Flash responds:

Would you believe this was my 3rd Flash Animation. So my style has changed alot since then.

Cant wait for number 3!

I know this is goning to be a good series cant wait for beta 3

Abbot-Flash responds:

Neither Can I

that was really good

Really clever, nice animation, one problem, how did he get in the laundry shoot, Anyhow nice work.

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3.15 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2004
1:27 PM EST
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