Original Hardcore Pinball

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Original Hardcore Pinball Machine - This has been a bit of a mission to finish. I started from the flashkit example but had to almost entirely re-write it to cope with the board and the ramps. Will I do a pinball game again?... probably not!... hope you enjoy it.


nice, original

nice scripting there :-)
kewl game... but the flippers were screwed up... they send the ball with no speed and sometimes the balll went through them !!!

Nice but buggy

ITs a good game, but your code is still a little buggy with hitTesting. Its pretty hard to make good hitTesting... Anyway, which Flashkit.com example did you use?

Kempt responds:

Yeah you're right... it does have some "character" (not bugs!) I didn't have too long to do this in and I figured it was a choice between a super-acurate but probably slow game and a "quirky" but hopefully fun game, I though the latter was better? it was based on the "skol rock" pinball machine but there are only a couple of lines left in the core trig code.


I liked it, as I like most Pinball games but it has its faults, it doesn't seem like theres too much to do, maybe I didnt play it long enough to really explore the whole board but after a few goes I found myself not doing too much...another thing...that fucking flipper on the left sometimes shoots your balls straight down the hole when you hit it up on the end...

Trés Bien!

Some seriously banging tunes on that!
As a fan of happy hardcore i find this a great game, Nice to see that Hixxy is on the table!

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3.01 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2004
11:02 AM EST
Skill - Other