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Imp, episode6

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Author Comments

Eww, I`m embarresed seeing this old timer..Should be 3 months old and only done now...But its still fun.Hope the next episode will be uploaded next week unlike this one...



So this is the first episode with a female eh? It indeed does look like it has become better since (look now awards before 6 ;P) So maybe that was one of the gimmicks? Anyways,
Graphics: Well there was some old fashion smurf killing, and some breasts :o, and all the characters were drawn just as good as always ^_^
Sound: I happened to like the voice-acting on this one, sounded like South Park voices, and Arnold's and even a Butthead and Smurf voices as well, and of course all those other sounds that keep the story going as well ^_^
Style: Decided to begin girls in this one eh, well i do ever so like the "sexuality :o" that has been added ever since, so thanks for that, and the fact they actually saw a smurf town this time was good as well, finally hitting them at the roots, AND NO ICE CREAM i find that horrible ):< heh
Violence: Old fashioned smurf killing, some fire, and falling off a bridge, just plain every day things ;)
Humor: The voices were probably the best part, they made me laugh, and remember why i like writing these reviews for you ;)
Well i'll be doing quite a few tonight, hope to see some great responses like you always give 4/5 THE EDN

RogerregoRRoger responds:

hmm, i overlooked this review?
I actually used girl before this(sonic and other madness) but it's the first imp episode, yes..Krystal was actually supposed to be appearing in episode 2 already, but i cut her scenes, they didn't actually..err..well they were boring and poinltess, and i onlty like pointless if it's funny..
glad you liked the voices then :S

&quot;Shut yr pothole you pitiful shit!&quot;

Despite being one of the worst episodes in your opinion and the random ending, this is one of the episodes that cracks me up the most! There's so many brilliant jokes! XD Zody's stupidity reaches new heights of funny and the whole quest for icecream is brilliant, my Fave joke ever has to be the Harry Potter advert paorody though... dammit which episode is that? >.<

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Merry potter is in episode 9, well glad you liked th episoe then after all ^_^

haha! Funny!

This is taking a step backwards, but it's still pretty funny!
The substituted voices were pretty funny, one of the funniest aspects of this.
At the beginning of this, he kind of sounded like he was a frenchman, but nearer to the end, he starterd to sound more 'english' again.
Though not as good as previous, i said the previous was the best yet =O.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah that's a big problem i have a lot..when i make a voice accent, and then lose it..and the whole voice changes after a while..doing 25 diffrent voices yourself is hard -_-

Another classic

It was great. The sound, although I said I was done compaining, was horrible. I say the humor was very good, the graphics are ok, and the smurf village was hilarious. I like the smurfs names. Slutette, humpy smurf, fat ass smurf, It was great. I'm not entirely sure, but was that the chick from StarFox adventures on Game cube?

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

she sure was, Krystal.
thanks for the complaining..errr, compliments on the episode ^_^


the end was funny and the first part might as well have been named the imp icecream rush

RogerregoRRoger responds:

jup, the icecream chase

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Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2004
8:59 AM EST
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