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Imp, episode6

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Author Comments

Eww, I`m embarresed seeing this old timer..Should be 3 months old and only done now...But its still fun.Hope the next episode will be uploaded next week unlike this one...


Haha, you've still got it

Like Aasha said before me, I like the idea you used of having other authors star in your flash movies (it makes a good change from movies who use already made characters over and over).

That's probably why I like the IMP series the most out of all your works (but the others are still very good). ZoDy999 and Hentaiboy are the funniest characters (Zody for his hilarious moments and Hentaiboy for his badass attitude and funny voice), but the other characters are good too (H hog's pretty cool).

I didn't like the new voices as much as the old ones (but like you said it couldn't be helped), but they were still pretty funny (especially Bustin B's). I like how you're going with these flash movies, the hilarious voice acting really makes some parts stand out (Poo's deep evil voice was really funny to listen to).

The Ice cream chase and the Smurf fight were the best scenes in this episode (and the cameo by the Scream murderer was great), what won't they do for ice cream!?

Great work as usual Roger, you're unique style always makes me laugh hard (just how many ways can John die?)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

thanks, icecream seems to play a vital part in the series..Hehehe...For the voiceacting i indeed have a squad of professionales..err, well hentaiboy and henrik can do really good ones, and hhog and zody too, all of them.The biggest problem is just Bustin, whos microphone broke down and thuss had to be replaced by his nephew and thuss slowing the whole series down.In the end i gave them the deadine of last monday, and gave them an extra week, then my patience run out and replaced both Johns, Krystal, bustin and half of Zodys lines..All of the maincharacters..But it seems that episode 7 will have the original voices back, and episode 9 won`t include bustin and zody, so that one surtenly will have the voices.(I skip episode 8 because that was the xmas episode already on newgrounds)Anyway, thanks for the review.:)

Ramblings from me :)

I was wondering if you were ever going to make the next episode! I'm a fan after all :P. Yes, the voicing was sorta bad but besides that you were still good as ever. if ya want though you can always go back and redo the voicing in another submission no worries everyone. Make the next one really soon please! This series is very original except for the Sonic resemblence but I love Sonic so that's really just a plus ^_^! :D Hehe! Do you have icecream? --Oh, hey I was wondering: you introduced another character "Krystal". Is she another author as well or just a character? (I love that idea of using your own characters for each author but you probably noticed that from the reveiw in the last episode).

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Actually i make a whole new episode almost every week, its only the voice acting what really slows everything down...Recently I just finished episode 14 already...Krystal isn`t a author, neither a staying character, she was just written in the script by zody, because..I don`t know..She was supposed to appear in episode 2, but i cut that scene, since it wasn`t really relevant to the story.Anyway, i know that the sonic resembles arent original, i already made a spoof of that in the dumbmovie flash, i was just saying to a couple fans that if they wanted a part in the series they could give me a sketch of their character, adn..well, they were all hedgehogs, except hentaiboy who was some chibiguy and henrik who didn`t have one at all, so just like my characte he is just a cartoon based on a photo of him...So if you ant to appear in the series you can always drop a line, just say if you can do your own voice, or whatever(otherwise well have to do it and you never know what terrible results it will have..Hehehe..


was there problems with the syncing? If you didn't sync it because of the quality of the sound, if you export a movie with the audio sync compresion(under the export option there should be a tab that says "audio stream", thats the one you want) at voice, it will sound as good as if it were at event. The only problem with syncing is that sometimes it lags(but normally only with a lot of music), what you could do is stream the voices, and music(if there is any), and leave the sound effects at event, to save room... the reason you would have to sync the music is because the "stop all sounds" action won't work if anything in your movie is synced(but if you simply insert a keyframe in the synced audio it will stop, so you really don't even need it). Good job with this, your a good illustrator, keep up the good work!

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

ow, you(or was it someone else?) said i had to sync them when EXPORTING?I was looking for that option in the actions screen and saw that the option was already selected..sound is always a problem, so ill have a look again then, thanks.Thanks for the compliment about me being a good illustrator, still improving tough.Just wished the voiceacting would go a bit faster...


THis flash was definately sexy.really fucking cool. i like ur flash it kicks alot of ass.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, thanks.With sexy your referring to Krystal?She is gone after episode 7, but a couple new (fox)chicks enter permenently after that.:)


Everything was gold 'cept for the turning cars and crappy credits on top of the screen. I suggest you draw a middle frame for each car when it turns, so they won't jump around. And for the credits, put them on different layers and make them move or flash or something.

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

with credits, you mean subtitles?They orignally weren`t included at all, i put them in later due to crappy voices.For now, only episode 0 has no subs..And i got lots of complaining about that..THe cars were a new 3d experiment for me..But in the curent episodes(episode 13, 14) i use full animation more, so i draw a whole new car every frame..

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Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2004
8:59 AM EST
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