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A Commercial for A-1 Real Estate ....those racist MoFo's !!!!


shut up wankers

why must he be black do do this cartoon??? its a funny cartoon hahaha man like he said this aint a perfect world and hes just pointing out some shit in a nice brainfucking way

Short but good

i hate all races

see below

I liked the artwork, and I would have liked this if it were longer and built up to more that "Moving because of black people", there wasn't enough humor in it, no real examples of the paranoia like testimony from a family, no witty slogans, it had the groundwork, but no followthrough, though, from the sound of it, you heard this on a radio station and put it to video, in which case, length can't be helped. The sound quality was really good, and the art was good as well.

An amusing toon

So I did not find it racist one bit infact I found this one to be entertaining even if this was a very short toon, the art was notbad the characters were decent, the voices were not half bad and you presented a funny joke aswell so in all reality this was an amusing piece.

Could be longer maybe take it into other scenes maybe walk thru the black families home im sure more humor can be found in scenes like that.


cool but one thing about the guy......

great movie, i found it funny but to kinda question what the guy said before on your review and that is this do you realize the majority of men breaking l;aw and ect are actualy white.
no one seems to know that though

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3.81 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2004
9:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody