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A Commercial for A-1 Real Estate ....those racist MoFo's !!!!


not my favorite

i love most of your stuff, but this is too simple. you explain the whole joke. i know you havent been the type to try to justify some of the weird stuff youve made in the past. this doesnt have the intensity, the zaniness, or the subtleties of anything of your other work.

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Short but sweet

lol, damn short but still funny, and i knpw what you mean, even if it isn't like that in Britain, its still true, well done :)


"this is shit why whould you move out of your house if a black person moved into the neighborhood. not all black peaple are walking around singing g-unit songs"

I'm black and I found it funny. He wasnt being racist, if you would have read the huge font at the end of the movie you wouldve known, but you shouldve known from the get go...And just because someone listens to G Unit doesnt make them dangerous to live next to..I listen to G Unit, Game, Slipknot, Trapt, Green Day, Cassidy, Offspring, Nirvana...

All in all Marc, funny movie, keep'em coming!

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"wtf do u mean ur not racist u piece of shit! Of course u r dickface! And wtf do u got agenst the black folk?! as far as ur concerned ur a fuckin' dumbass and ur piece of shit movie sucked monkey balls! go 2 hell and take the piece of shit movie and shove it hard up ur ass cause it sucked monkey balls u piece of shit!"

Don't you love hypocrites?


You missed the point. He wasn't commentating that black people are racist. Not even in the slightest. He was poking fun at the way some white people act when they see black people moving into their neighborhood. The inner "supressed" racist in them makes them paranoid that every black neighbor could be a "gangsta ass killah". Please understand the point before you make an ass out of yourself next time.

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3.81 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2004
9:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody