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Ned's Revenge DVD

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Author Comments

Ned's Revenge was originally released in 2001. I decided to compile every Ned movie I've made and put it in a special "DVD" style Flash movie. The first 3 Neds were the very first Flash cartoons I ever made. Feel free to watch and laugh. :P
As for Ned's Revenge, I added a scene selection, subtitles and updated a few graphics here and there.

Warning: This cartoon is for you hardcore Razoric.com fans only. :)



I Remember Watching This Alot While Applying For Jobs After High School. All 4 NED Cartoons Are Awesome But I Watched This A Lot Being A Fan of Iced Earth & Alice Cooper, As Well As A David Fincher Fan. Very Happy To See This Cartoon Still On The Internet!


damn i remember watchin this cartoon years ago..it had became one of my all time favorite series..good to see its still on the internet..haha..well thanx 4 all the laughs and suspence in these ned cartoons..perhaps one day he will return and save the universe like the first episodes claimed..nice job mad...

All the Ned episodes in one

I just watched all the episodes like just a minute ago so I'll explain what I'm doing with this review, the scores for graphics, style, sound, violence, interactivity, humor and overall are all based on the scores that I gave for Ned's Revenge as that was the main feature of this DVD package.

Now I shall list all my previous reviews in chronological order of the series:

I'm not really sure if this was a portal piss-take or not, certain aspects of it seemed to suggest that but then theres a chance that it wasn't, pretty confusing. Anyway the start was completely stupid but when Ned went back it seemed like it could have been pretty good as I thought he was going to go insane or something, but he just ripped that girls face off and then it ended, you should have continued on from there and had Ned just going crazy and it could have been an alright flash movie.

Ned 2
Yeah that one was surprisingly alright, a poorly done movie in terms of graphics and animation, but the story behind it seems to be both good and funny. I like how he gets set off by Peanuts, it just seems to be a totally weird and unique idea, which is what made this funny, I don't think that this series is a portal piss-take anymore, I believe you made it as a serious contribution, anyway this one was alright, I'm gonna check out episode 3 now, I'm expecting it to be a terrible flop, but hopefully I'll be wrong.

Ned 3
I don't know what it is about this series it's completely stupid but it doesn't suck, I was gonna vote 3 for this one but then you went and fucked up the end with the grenade, that was stupid even for this series, that aside the idea with the hooker was pretty funny and th laser eyes with the cop, while overused and normally stupid and I hate it, I liked it in this, I don't know why, but I did, so good job on that part, succeeding in laser eyes is something very few flash authors can do but you did it. Well I'm pleased to see that I was proved wrong, this wasn't a flop, it was the best so far.

Ned's Revenge
It was completely different from the rest of the Ned series, but this is probably better, this seemed to be more serious than the others, as the others were stupid and funny, but this was definitely more serious, the movie was very stereotypical though and while it wasn't anything I haven't seen a million times before it was still a good movie so well done. Some of the voices in this needed to be louder as they were much quieter than the rest of the sound effects.

You get a 3 for my vote for this DVD package as I'm basing my vote on the main feature which was Ned's Revenge.

If this was actually a DVD, would I buy it?

YES, the whole series had something to it. A killer with a trigger, that trigger being the word *spoiler*. This "DVD" had a good soundtrack to back it up with, violence going out the wazoole. The special features made it even better. Im lazy to give you the flaws, 10. Make more, or redo the first few episodes.


Graphics:You tryed to make it sound so serious but the shitty art messed it all up. Like a 3 year old drawing Heavy Metal.
Style:Not original, reminds me too much of KILL BILL
Sound:I fucking hate pianos
Violence:He's a nerdy murderer
This sucks

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2004
3:39 PM EST
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