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This is outdated, unfortunately. This tutorial is useless with newer versions of flash, I keep it up for memories. This was a collection of my knowledge to a certain point, a very small step towards learning action script. The learning curve was difficult for me and so my intention was to create something to help others out in my position. It worked well initially but it's time has come and gone. There exists far better tutorials by far more proficient and knowledgeable people, go for them instead. Happy traveling and good luck with your endeavors.

--Original Comments--
I tried to make everyone happy.
(1)First of all, I explained the ActionScript I knew how to, as well as I could.
(2)I changed the name ... hehe.
Any errors in the AC tell me asap so I can change them.
Fixed link, please check out the first actionscript "Don't Understand" button for the second way to walk.
Have not had time to fix the other few button going-to-wrong-place things.

This is basically a collection of what I did learn the hard way, hopefully it'll get you started.

This flash worked perfectly back when Flash 5 was standard but things have changed the .swf is deleted and I cannot update this flash. Every bit of usefulness that this flash once had is basically lost.


me too

i have the same problum as soccerstars you may want to fix that power up thang, or at lst tell us how it works a but more


This helped me with the jumping. It works perfectly. The explanation for the codes is not very solid, though. This is for people who don't care what it does as long as it does it!

I have the fla and swf!!!

I downloaded and decompiled this movie and now i have the fla and swf files for this tut.

It was ok

Idk if it was just me, but half the time i would fall through the platform when i jumped, and if he wasn't placed just right, he would fall through, so i was a bit confused there, But it helped a little bit for me.

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it was okay but.....

The Platforms worked perfectley but the items didn't work for me.

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Jan 21, 2004
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