Revenge - HSII

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// Note! The highscore table will most likely not work, because of Flash server security. To play the version with the highscore table that works, go to http://www.eternal-host.com/~sticksla/new/portal/view.php?id=681

Welcome to Revenge! My newest and hardest animation/game I've worked on yet! Instructions and controls can be viewed inside the game.First time though, make sure to read the below tips, and watch the intro!

Please enjoy, and make sure to submit your scores!

- KoRRupt

Basic Story:
Your boss has just fired you from your office job. As your walking out into the parking lot with your cardboard box of belongings, you see the bosses brand new car. Now it's time to have some fun...

Hint and tips:
Security Guards come out in intervals during the game. It's best to kill the security guards fast, each time they shoot, it takes 300 off your score.

Make sure to allow yourself time to exit the level. If the Time Left counter gets to 0, your busted, and your scroe voids.

The easiest way to dodge bullets is to jump around. Ducking helps a bit, but not much.

Kicks score more then punches.. (Kicks: 200, Punches: 100), but kicks take more time, and don't work on every object. Use the two wisely.

When the car starts to fade blacker, you've almost totalled that part. Finish totalling it for bonus points!



why isnt it on ssla? ut rocks!


Yes i would have to say a very cool stick flick with kicking music, awsome backrounds, good sticks that just made it an all around full film, great work, it was unique with its stick thinking bubbles and alot more so nice job indeed...



That game was lots of fun. I totalled the whole car too. By the way, nice choice of music. L.P. rules!

it was ok

it was very boring tho and i was very dissapointed you couldnt grab his pistole and thats all you do??????

KoRRupt responds:

Very agreeable.. I'll try hardewr next time, thanks for watching!


Kinda short and people will probably not know what to do if they only play it a few times. But over nice concept, next time you should be able to take the officer's guns and shoot other people.

KoRRupt responds:

Very agreeable.. I spent too much time on the engine.. rather then concept and design, plus gameplay.. Look for better from me in the future..

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3.40 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2004
11:54 PM EST
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