Hoe Blow 2004

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Music Video, Animutation



really cool!

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flush this peice of crap

never in my life have i been so annoyed by an animutation wanna be.
this one consists of a few bodies exploding or getting shot or whatever. theres a few scenes that could possibly be called animutation if i exaggerated enough. all this crap is set to a rap thats nothing but a stream of curse words and death threats. somebody get me a shovel to scrape this peice of crap off NG.

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Definately one of your better ones

This one was... in my opinion, one of your better flashes.

I don't know why though, it felt like the same old same old, but there was something about it I Can't quite put my finger on.

Anyways, it was alright, Good job as usual.


I see lots of familiar LC characters here and it looks like they're ready for action in 2004. Nice city scrolling!! I'd probably use something like that for a transitional scene in a longer movie. Hoe blow was neat too and the George Bush scene made me howl with laughter. Very "neil cicierega-ish".
The cool thing was the movie option at the beginning. I clicked 2004 first and then it went into hoeblow. I expected that if I clicked hoeblow first, then it'd go to 2004, but it just skipped over it. That might have been a great scripting trick if you could have pulled that off.
Got some cool ideas in there, man!! Keep on building!!

Livecorpse responds:

yeah good point the 2004 part weould be better suited as a transitional scene in a larger flash than the part it played in this one.
well talk to ya later mS

...That was just fucking bad.

Man, that was shit.

Livecorpse responds:

it wasnt great true, but ur just a dumbass

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2.70 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2004
2:52 AM EST
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