60Secs: Arnold Governator

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BentTV's 60 Seconds (though not quite 60 seconds in length) brings you exclusive coverage on Arnold Governator's first year in California!

*AUDIO QUALITY UPGRADED* Keep in mind, I love Arnold, he's badass and funny, that's why I make fun of him! If you disagree with our political views, please don't take it personally, it's as light-hearted as a joke can get!
TRIVIA #1 The guy who got shot in the mp3 segment at the end is me. That green guitar is mine too:P A Hamer Slammer series, which I rarely touch now :(

#2 Some of the random characters from Redneck Gangsta Rap (besides the obvious ones in the pee commercial) were redesigned to make cameos here. Guess which!

#3 For the scenes with Bruce Willis, to draw the other republicans, I typed, in google image search "republicans" and drew the random people that came up as a result.

#4 If you notice the strip of bacon being tossed at Arnold in one scene, that was in direct reference to when Arnold actually got egged on one of his campaigns (in University of California?) and he joked that whoever threw the egg now owes him a bacon.

#5 Check out Saddam's (only) W.M.D.'s (box of dildos) and Osama's Tentacle Porn magazine.

#6 The bedroom where Arnie kissed his wife Maria, that was taken from chipmunks gangsta rap, notice Arnie took all those dildos home :P

#7. Not sure if you can notice, but there is a "welcome mat" at the hole where Saddam was found and captured. I tried to be obvious, but failed miserably :P

#8 Last but not least... I hope you can all tell that the Warm Pee design is straight from Mountain Dew bottles


danm it, its a link lol ¬¬"

i it don't even worked =P

what rhe fucked

that was the worst piece of shite on the face of the earth just kidding could of been better.


WTF, it sux, terrible, and why cant we watch the film on newgrounds

link broken

i clicked the play buttin and it took me to a vid telling me how to get a std actualy post on newgrownds no links

atom films

Atom films never works. The ad plays but the movie never loads.

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Jan 20, 2004
12:16 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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