Save the WWF, Y2J style

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Y2J, Chris Jericho must save the WWF from the 3 most boring WWF superstars by punching them. Play today! It has each wrestlers unique entrance video.


A Chris Jericho Game? Can't go wrong with that!

That was pretty awesome, simply for the fact that was the best wrestler ever. Whoever did this should go create some more games about Y2J, that ruled.

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The WWF sucks, and always will.

A bunch of oily men pretending to fight each other. How exciting! Anyone who follows it is just sad. And as for the movie, I say movie because it was just an interactive movie, not a game. Games have more scripting than just a couple of navigation commands in them. It sucked, tweening and buttons. Something even the most retarded of people can pick up.

It's all about the game!

I have to admit that The Rock and The Big Show ARE boring but HHH has always been one of the best in the buisness and for Jericho... Well... HE SUCK!!!!!! I've never liked him and i'll never will!

Quote the RaVeN... NEVERMORE!!!!!!!!!

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Y2J Rules!!!

Go Jericho Go!!!
Go Jericho Go!!!
Go Jericho Go!!!

It pretty much sucks

This should be cliassified more as a movie than a game. Boring...

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1.75 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2000
5:51 PM EDT
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