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XIN Session 06

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Author Comments

UPDATE: 3/11/2005
Voices have been added to this Session.:)

Thank you everyone for all your support.
Its truly an honor to have made the Daily feature place. We'll do our best to make the series better. Thanks agian! (T-T)
Also a big nod to Kid_Eternity's,
Phones-Episode 2, and WombleFerret's, Mani Golf. These were really great submissions

This is the 6th of the 9 sessions that will make up the first chapter / season of the series. We can't thank you all enough for your great reviews and comments. If you like our series, please come by our site for more information, and of course, the latest session. Hope everyone has a great 2004! :)


I know its suppose to be fantasy but...

Why don't the students get arrested or at least kicked out of school.other than that this is a great series, good job.

I'll Agree

I agree with that guy before me who stood up for this animation. That idiot who thinks you ruined anime probobly has nothing better to do but watch it all day long. Another thing. If he didn't like this submission then why in the hell didn't he stop at Session One? Anyway good job buddy. Keep it up.


i dont even know what that guy what talking about! he probably never even watched the other sessions. hey if you ever read this dragon4u2die, i think you should learn about the word SERIES! and to the makers of this flash series im just saying YOU DONT NEED TO IMPROVE NOW, KEEP IT AS IT IS, i like the way it looks :D

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dude. this has got to be one of the absolute worst flash animations i have ever seen. you have mocked, tortured, raped, and murdered anime. you do not deserve to live on the same planet as any anime artist alive. the animation was completely and utterly horrible. the dialogue is disgusting and cliche. the voice overs sound like a nasaly teenager and a retarded gorrilla. the plot is stupid and nonsensical (and again cliche). i think you really ought to take classes on this. get someone else to do your artwork/writing/voice/everything. or just quit altogether (recommended option). seriously. i'm sorry, i'm normally not so cruel. but WOW. this just SUCKS ASS


Aren't there like... Classes n' stuff at this school? There was one in the beginning, but since then, all anyone does it stand around, gazing out windows or fighting.

Why don't they have police? Or security guards? Why isn't an obvious troublemaker expelled? Why is this so god-damned stupid? If you're going to make movies about fighting, why use a school as the setting? Why use kids?

Why is that guy named "Legend?" WHo names their kid something stupid like that? Why does he dream about a "peaceful senior year?" What kind of loser has those goals? Why not plan to do something after highschool? You know... He could plan to do something with his LIFE. ... Something outside of school.

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Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2004
1:37 PM EST
  • Daily Feature January 17, 2004