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2001 : A Cake Oddity

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In making this animation, I set out to confuse, and also entertain a great number of people. I hope you like it. then again, I wont really care if you dont... see what you think anyway.

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you did what you set out to do. i have absolutly NO idea what happened.

That had to be one of the most random...

...flashes I've EVER seen. But that's what makes it awsome. "My unquenctable need for cake has gotten me into a very odd situation. I've seemed to have turned into a giant floating space baby. How will I eat my cake now?" You can't make this stuff up!

ha ha!

i liked it. funny. those sampled voices are FUCKING ANNOYING tho. I specially liked th floatin baby part! nice. Could b better wiv work tho. Dont make it 2 much longer.


I give it a 4 cause it needs to be longer.

I wish I had smoked something before viewing this

That was quite bizarre, but actually pretty entertaining. It would have been cooler to have used HAL's voice instead, but oh well. not bad.