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Spawn of Satan(trailer)

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Satan looks mega pissed! Sweet!


Maybe I should have watched this one before all of the other SoS movies...

This was one of the better trailers that I have seen. Usually people will just put in some text and maybe some stills of their upcoming movie, but this one was like a mini-movie in itself. Nice job, this is a fine bunch of movies.

Damn awesome awesome awesome!!

How the hell did you get this voice!?!? Is it yours?? its great! (mine totally sux)..
Anyway great graphics, animation and it was funny the car's sign 'cunts' :D
Its good!


dude...no...just no... i mean u cant take satan and just try to make it funny just doesnt work, and y was he all pissed was he PMSing??? dude take ur flash talent and use it on something good, and u could at least have gave him machine guns, put him on a matorcycle, and made him shoot out things while listening to system of a down or some heavy metal, andway i like ur effort, make something worth while....peace...


I was waiting for something cool to happen... still waiting...no humor at all