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Jerry Adams, Geologist

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so this isn't a genuine alanthebox cartoon... my roommate and i made this for one of his classes this semester (it's his final project). it's about his teacher and glaciers and alcoholism. we spent a lot of time on it (and i think it's funny, especially considering they're going to watch it in class), so i decided to put it up here. maybe you'll learn something.

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That was Excellent

As a Geolgy major at GSW that was an excellent and entertaining cartoon. PLease do more Geology parodys.


Yep... there it is. Umm... I see it, but all I have to say is... why? This is a dangerous move away from your regular stuff... what if someone sees this and never wants to see the rest of your stuff? Anyway... it was funny how geeky this professor guy was, and then how drunk he got... but then it got kind of boring, and hard to understand what he was saying through his slurred, drunken speech with hiccups seperating words. School project? Hmm... not much new education, and a little bit too filled with profanity for school? Hmm... yep.

This one bored me

I only watched up to the part where the bartender told 'em he was closing then I closed the window. didn't want to listen to his babble anymore!

Oh well maybe next movie.


Did Prof. Adams remind anyone of Bill Cosby? Anyone? No? Just me... Darn. Oh well...
Anyways, a HILARIOUS movie! Though lacking in graphics, it more than made up for it with it's dialogue, and fresh humor. Great work! You have officially become one of my favorite artists.

dude, seriously

you could become famous or something. You have a genius humor and the best outlook I've ever seen. your site is great, too. Just keep the awesome stuff coming. awesome!