Twelve Days of Kwanzaa

January 11, 2004 –
October 16, 2018
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Philopious and Shukisha

That was HILARIOUS. What I could never figure out though.. is it a man or woman narrating? I don't care. That was one funny movie.

Hey Wolvie Could u please respond to this...

Yea hi wolvie what type of flash did u use to make this see i have just got Flash MX 2004 pro an everyone uses number 6 5 4 and stuff and the reveiws have got bad on Flash mx pro 2004 do u think i made the right choice?? Please respond Wolvie Thnx

Boring, more or less.

There was some effort in this flash, but I just didn't like it.

yeh, everyone was right...

This flash sucks, make more sprite ACTION though.

lol, pick of the hour

e-mail wade, get him to delete these

And THIS got Pick of the Hour

Hmph i feel disappointed


What's the point of posting movies if you're not going to let other people watch them?

You know what i think?

I think you should stop deleting your movies for the greater good,it would be greater good if you let people like me see them!


Looks like a patch on a 3-D killing game, then recording a demo from the pc. How lame, unoriginal, and totally a ripoff. You suck. Why don't you try something new, maybe use your brain and come up with something artistic/original. Nah, why bother, lets just be like the rest of the normal daily crap.

Are you dissing my boy?!?!?!?!

You better not be dissing my boy!

You see how it is, you can't shoot him down all the live long day, but he will keep coming back like a bad case of psoriasis.

Can you do something like this where Bush gets shot? Maybe Paul O'Neill could lay the smack down on him...that would be enjoyable!


All right! The first Machinima on Newgrounds!

You've hit a nerve, my friend. This is the first animation I've seen on Newgrounds that was used with a pre-existing game engine (an artform called Machinima.) This will soon become the rave, and you've spearheaded the first of it! I don't really care for the animation content itself, but you get kudos for just doing a Machinima.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks I plan on doing more! =]

Hell yeah!

Kill that Leftist democrat!!!


wow, how did you put dean's body in there. it was hillarious. The "gay porn" was a nice touch

<deleted> responds:

I made a skin and edited a bunch for a game calles "Sin". Thanks for the 10!

no, just no

jk great movie. this fucking pwns

<deleted> responds:

lol thanks mang


allthough i am demacrat that was sweet


That was funny! Dean getting shot at! This will be awsome if it were a game like the last guy said. Pretty funny, man.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks =]

Great, but two suggestions...

1. Make this a game. I want to blast Howard Dean!
2. Add more characters, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore (who sighs like in Pres. debate), Martha Stewart, and the boss, Simon Cowell!

Still, keep up the good work!

<deleted> responds:

Good ideas thanks!


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