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Evergeek is a comic I made for my friends, and i am now going to be puting my series of comics on newgrounds. Hope you enjoy the first episode!

*Thank you for making Evergeek episode 1 the number 5 Daily feature of 01/12/2004! I will do my best to have you not disapointed with the second episode! Couldn't have done it without the help of the voice actors. Have a great day!



Really well done!
Aubrey has a really great voice for animation.
She ought to try to do it professionally.

P.S. Tell her that I want her to have my kittens.

Ok, I will leave now no need for the taser.

Zero-End responds:

LOL! you must be one of her friend? if not, thats still funny!

Above-standard "Nerdimation". ^_^

I like to call cartoons that rely on videogame and japanese-animation injokes "nerdimation." Legendary frog is the King of Nerdimation, but this was pretty good so I'll call you a Knight of Nerdimation.

The fast-speaking voices reminded me of the old dubs before digitally manipulated mouths.

Zero-End responds:

I'm a big fan of Legendary Frog, and am proud to be considered among his ranks. Thank you! I shall strike with avengence as the "Knight of Nerdimation."

i agree with that

on the internet u never know whos on the other end..
i could be a monkey for all you guys know

lookin good

but since it takes place in an mmorpg it appears the woman could actually be a 40 year old man.....creepy


With the title Evergeek i expected it to be a everquest ripoff.. oh well. stil hella funny, me being a FF fan.

awesome. only flaws i saw was the kinda loud voice acting. that can be easily fixed though.
hehe... very nice 5/5

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4.35 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2004
6:19 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place January 12, 2004