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Mario Friends and Warp 2!

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I'm sorry, but I didn't have enough time in my hands to get to work with this ^^. I started working on it about a week ago. I'm organizing a Custom Sprite Fighting contest on VGDC forums and that has been slowing me down a bit. Having to check everyday, j00 know. A lot of your questions are answered in this movie. But I put more confusing stuff that you will have to figure out yourself. Enjoy!

-Neo Link-

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You left it off at the best part! But it was good, and i would agree on the person before make the test boxes slower or nobody will understand whats gonna happen, overall good movie. Keep it up!

How to make your movies better

1:make your movies 2 to 3 or if you want 4 megabites long.

2:don't rush the story because people would get discourage and may not want to watch.

3:don't end it to quick

4: this is the last thing make scene selections and other options to keep the viewer entertaing
oh and your bubbles go to fast when the characters speak please at least put a button were we could press when their about to speak or just give more time to read the bubbles.

over all I thought your movie was great and I hope my advise helps you out peace out.


make an ending tho

i liked it!

i liked it! i look foward to your other flash videos! keep it up ^.^

i liked it good way to interact your characters

i thought it was an exceptional little show i have seen a lot of nintendo flash and this one is up there on my list of better ones. Keep up the good work.

TheOneNeoLink responds:

Thanks very much. It's people like YOU that inspire me to make more flash, not the other n00bish ignorants like the 2 previous reviews. BTW, you might want to check my site ^^ Have a nice day.