Doom - Level 2

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here's level two with more action and a little more lenght ... and if you could tell me a site with doom sprites , please do


very cool and funny

make number 3.


dit the guy cheated =) he dont evem get hurt of a shot

Good idea but badly played out

I always thought a movie based on the Doom plot would have been a killer at the box office. As no director has seen fit to go down that road then a flash movie would have been the next best thing. This could have been the next best thing except that all it does is feature a few sprites moving around the screen aimlessly.

If you had brought a story into this, maybe animated it properly so that the graphics where halfway decent and then brought in the Doom plot, it would have been a great mini series. You could have shown us how he came to be in the predicament and then made each episode run over each level, giving us all out action as he overcomes the hell barons and so on.

As it is, it's 38 seconds of bitty Doom sprites moving about. Well done for the sequencing of it but really all it comes out as is a variation on stick figure combat.

Good, there is very little done with the...

...Doom sprites, could you email me all those ones you have? I would be most appreciative :)

its better then the first

but those sprites you ask well should i say:make your own you dont need those if that was gone you maked an 7 from me!

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3.28 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2004
5:14 AM EST