bathroom bitches

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Music by Drew
Vocals by Candy Ass!


I don't know why, but I liked it

It was interesting... It didn't really go anywhere, but I'd like to see what happens, I'll be waiting for the next one.

Candy Ass?????

Oh, fuck me up the ass and call me shitfaced, I must be drunk! I could have sworn this video said "Vocals by Candy Ass". I mean, Candy Ass is only an EXTREMELY successful and talented drag performer, who performs at Club Makeup (http://www.clubmakeup.net/) with Alexis Arquette who is better known as Miss Eva Destruction, and was the person who's name became the title to Orgy's multi-platinum selling debut album...You may not care, but news flash dick wad! If the REAL and ORIGINAL Candy Ass has her name trademarked, you could be in for a world of shit my friend...Have a nice fucking day!

um i really dont know what to say

all i saw was awesome graphics
and two girls who were talking like idiots
cussing like hell in the bathroom and they spined around taking way to long to go to the point
i left the film asking what the point was
.2 girls need a ride to a concert and plan to steal a car...how interesting is that?
i was well ..bored...its worse than my long reviews that go no where...shit i should talk


The graphics were excellent... the animation was less than poor... and the storyline was nothing but BOARING ASS HELL!!!! This shit was gay!! I didn't even watch the whole thing.. rmeeminds me of some hurten 80's show!

Nice Language..

I really like the Language in this one. Why dont they just fuck the teach and take the car. All they have to do is take the car and dare him to tell any one they have it. After all it is illegal for the teach to have sex with a student and the car would be thiers.

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2001
1:57 AM EST
Music Video