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Well, I made this flash for a friend, rangi, that asked me to do it. So I did. It's the story of a boy named Smolik that goes on an adventure. There might be other episodes by the way, I liked doing this one. The others will be longer and better, for sure. But it's not sure about the series.
Hope you enjoy it. Review please.


(title in work)

Not bad. The joke was interesting, if not a bit confusing as well. I don't really like the mesh of movie control with buttons, subtitles, and sound clips. I think the subtitles should just appear when the sound does. Or no subtitles at all. This way you did it just seems a bit awkward to me.


That was great.
Didnt make much sense but i was surprised where he landed lol.

alexsmolik responds:

Hey ! Thanks, glad you rather liked it.
Well yeah, that's about the only "funny" thing in this movie. The weird, senseless plot and the final part which is the apotheosis of weirdness. This flash itself is weird!
Thanks for the cool review.

Lol that made no sence

Hehe that was freakin awsome but I dont think you have ever been to india hahah well I hope your proud of yourself lol that was crazy and weird but I enjoyed it because you ended up in some crazy place that was cold and like shiver shiver anyway good word make one with better ploting and animation you have potentiall cya

alexsmolik responds:

Yeah ... It's just a random flash I did because someone told me to make it. I should go to India. Thanks for the compliments on the movie and on its weirdness !
Thanks for the review.


that was an awesomely retarded movie, a complete waste of my time.

alexsmolik responds:

Must be retarded, if you think so.
Just know that this movie was made because a friend asked me to make it. I didn't really wanted to animate it but I was obliged. This is what you get.
Waste of your time ? Haha.

wtf it wouldnt load


alexsmolik responds:

WTF ? Well it does load dude.
It's not my fault if it doesn't load AT YOUR HOUSE. It loads in most houses.

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3.57 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2004
12:28 PM EST
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