if i ruled design

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this is a game i made for design insiders, but i decided to give it a shot here on NG. hope you all enjoy.

glad people are enjoying "if i ruled design"
if you want to check out more of my stuff go to http://www.fourinchesofego.com

and more from me will be coming to newgrounds in the near future.


Ace work, man. Ace work.

This really put a smile on my face. Hell I lost on lvl 2 but just the gameplay was good. The people on "lolly sticks" idea was fab. Could sit here and play it for a long time. Good work and good luck with any future animations.


That was fucking great style 25/10 i really hope you will continue with these games newgrounds need animations and games with great style like the style you got! really amazing to see such great combination of style and graphics althoug the game was kinda boring because you did the same thing over and over but that doesn´t make your 10 disappere! anything with that great style is worth at least 10!


I liked it mpre then ur other game !!!!

Great game!!!

It was a little hard to catch up with the guy.Otherwise this rules!

Incredibly unique

Arguable the most unique game. Though a pretty boring, repetative fighting game, I have never seen popsickle stick puppets used so well. You even learn a bit of history, which won't be appreciated by basically all NG users. Nice work though.

chickenking responds:

but you know. that jan tschichold is a scary s.o.b. so watch out. and paul rand is pure evil. if you dig this, check out "paul rand is a sock monkey" in the etcetera section of my site. it is a completely dynamically generated piece. not terribly pretty or anything, but mesmerizing in its own way.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2004
11:51 AM EST
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